What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing. Since 2006, this method of marketing has been studied, practiced, and been proven successful by marketing agencies and businesses throughout the country. But what exactly is it? Allow Lure Creative to introduce you.

Inbound Marketing Brings Customers to You

Gone are the days where traditional, interruptive marketing is the norm. That means say goodbye to an emphasis on outbound methods such as television ads, cold calling, and trade shows. Instead, inbound marketers are focused on creating unique and branded content that will attract potential customers to your company and generate quality leads and happier customers.

How Does Unique Content Create More Leads For Your Business?

Inbound marketing features custom content, or offers, such as e-books, infographics, and online guides (just to name a few) that are created to educate and inform potential customers. What is the content educating and informing about? Everything a potential-buyer would need to know to help them in the process of  choosing your company’s products or services. By sharing this valuable content through blog posts, emails, social media, and other online channels, you are attracting customers to learn more and inviting them to further explore your website. When they engage with this content, they are taken back to a landing page where your offer lives and they can retrieve by filling out a form. This is how a lead is created.

Inbound Marketing Creates Higher Quality Leads

Think about it. When individuals take to the Internet to learn more about a product or service, they already have begun their “buyer’s journey”. Wether they are simply exploring products or services that pertain to your company or are further along in their journey and are looking for the right company, when they engage with your inbound marketing content through search results, social media, email, etc. they become more educated and advance in their journey.  This is where leads are generated. When using a customer relationship management tool, CRM, you can take interacting with these leads one step further. Through various marketing studies, it has been proven that informed individuals create higher quality leads, which turn into happier customers.