5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Website Redesign

Your business’s website is crucial to your success. Your website is your online home base, where potential customers can visit and see what you’re about and what you’ve been up to lately. It’s important to make sure your website is at its best so that it serves its main function; generating you more leads. While a small change here or there can be easily implemented, sometimes there are much bigger things that prompt the need for an entire website redesign. If you feel your website is experiencing one of the following issues, it’s in your best interest to consult the website design experts at Lure Creative.

Your Website’s Technology Has Long Passed

If your business website is more than a year old, there is a good chance it’s already outdated. They say that one human year is equivalent to four internet years, meaning your website is aging at an accelerated rate. Websites built on older content management platforms tend to be more rigid and difficult to update. They are also more vulnerable to cyber attacks and hackers. This is very dangerous if you accept any form of payment online. Updating your website on a newer platform will make it easier to make small changes to your site in the future, and will also increase its security.

Your Website’s Look Is Outdated

Is your home page static, boring, and flat? This is an S.O.S. for web design help! Your home page should be generating you more leads, not turning them away. Outdated websites are easy to spot and can cost  you business fast. Older content management platforms tend to come with confusing navigation, static pages that bore visitors, and less robust search engine optimization, or SEO. Boost your site with a redesign on a newer platform. Make your website more engaging to visitors with easy-to-use navigation no matter what type of device it’s being viewed on. Responsive website design is a must these days with so many mobile users.

Your Company Goals & Services Have Changed

Has your company recently changed its course? Maybe your goals have changed, or you’ve decided to focus on different core services. These major transformations can signal you need an update to your website. You don’t want old services you no longer provide on your site. And you especially don’t want to the same look and feel to your website if your company is changing its goals and core values. A major shift if your company should be accompanied by one on your website too. This makes sense, and will engage your current customers while attracting the right type of new customers.

Your Website Loads Too Slowly

Slow load time is the enemy when it comes to business websites. If your site takes too long to load you are likely to lose your visitor before they even get past the home page. Slow load time is common with older websites, and especially with older content management platforms. If your website takes more than 4 seconds to load, you’ve already lost 25% of visitors. Page abandonment is a very real problem for slow websites because it drastically drops your online lead numbers. And if you are having issues loading a page on a computer, it’s mostly likely going to be even slower on a tablet or smartphone.

You Aren’t Getting the Results You Want

When it comes down to it, any time you find that you aren’t achieving the desired results from your website (given that you’ve allowed some time for change) you should probably toy with the idea of redesigning it. But before you jump right in, make sure you’ve assessed what it is your current website isn’t doing that you would like to change. You should be able to optimize your website, measure your results and convert visitors all on your website, and from the tools that come with it. If you can’t do these three things, it’s time to build a more functional website with a design that will help build your business and your brand the way you want.

A fresh, new website design can boost your company’s online exposure and your SEO, both of which will boost your leads.

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