A Marketing Story That May Sound a Little Fishy

June 5th-13th is National Fishing Week. With a name like Lure, that’s just one topic we couldn’t  resist! Let’s face it, marketing is a lot like fishing. (That’s kinda how we got our name – Lure Creative). We help you choose the bait, find the right places to fish, and reel them in when they bite. Of course, in reality, it’s a lot more complicated than that…just like fishing. Here’s a quick breakdown just for fun:

Choose the Bait

Just like in fishing, there are so many kinds of bait – live bait, stink bait, jigs, spinners, spoons, plugs, the list goes on. It’s the same with marketing – from digital ads online like Google, Facebook, etc. to traditional ads like TV, radio, print, outdoor, etc. to social posts, blog posts, websites, landing pages, online quizzes, etc. the list is exhaustive. You can’t use them all because budgets are finite, so you have to choose the right ads for the fish you’re after. Anything online must have some SEO (search engine optimization) behind it as well. Otherwise, you’re just adrift at sea.

Find the Right Place to Fish

Once you’ve defined what kind of bait you’re using, you have to decide which ponds you’re going to fish in. Basically, where are the fish biting? That takes a lot of knowledge, experience, and expertise because both the online and offline waters are as vast as the ocean. Or, you could just guess. Luckily, we have some fishfinder tools at our disposal.

Reel Them in When They Bite 

Finally, you’ve got to be able to hook them and reel them in when they do bite. You’ll get a lot of nibbles, but the work is not done until they are in the boat. The ones that got away aren’t worth a lousy dime. And ultimately, we’re all in this to make a profit, grow our businesses, and expand our opportunities. So we have to know how to set the hook.

Let’s Go Fishin’!!

This particular analogy may sound a little discouraging, but don’t worry. Luckily, we love to fish and we’re pretty good at it too. We can help you catch more fish by using the correct bait, fishing in the right spots, and setting the hook when they bite. 

If you need marketing guidance, contact Lure Creative and we’ll help you “tackle” your marketing challenges (pun intended).