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At Lure Creative, only “A” players join our team. Have you always been an over-achiever, a detailed person with a little OCD? Or maybe mega-creative with an eye for details? Yeah, us too! We’re looking for left and right brained, strategic, visionaries & planners. Our culture thrives on learning, growing and achieving. When you get onboard, you will have a career path that will help you become an expert at digital marketing or you can share your knowledge with our open-minded, “eager to learn more” team. We’re a HubSpot Certified Agency performing top-shelf, Inbound Marketing & Web Design that generates leads for growth-minded companies.


Free Inbound CertificationThe Project Manager (PM) is the primary support role for most projects sold by the Sales Department. The projects that the PM will coordinate will range from basic print orders to larger projects like website creation and direct mail. Marketing experience is required for this role with a background in marketing strategies, offers, art direction, proofreading, print ordering and direct mail. Strong communication skills are needed to converse with clients and Account Executives (AE) in order to direct production team and vendors. The PM needs to be very detail oriented, organized and multi-task with the best. The PM will use our on-line software to keep entire team on task to meet all deadlines.

Internal Sales Support

The PM will be ready to accept incoming orders from the sales team and work with the client to acquire content, copy and images to complete projects. This position will be asked at times to be in client meetings on-site or off-site to prepare for upcoming projects and to improve client relations. Other times the PM will be in shorter project overview meetings with the AE’s before coordinating begins. The PM will be the sales team’s liaison that will help funnel projects, keep the production team working efficiently, and provide proofs and final results that meet the client’s and AE’s expectations.

Outside Sales Support

LURE Creative commissions outside salespersons and companies as resellers of services and products. The PM will receive incoming requests for estimates, produce estimates and enter orders for these outside sales efforts. Then the PM will coordinate these projects to add to the overall revenue of the company.

Project Communication

Once jobs are sold by internal and external sales, the PM will work with the client to acquire all necessary information, photos, copy, and content to prepare and present to the production team. This could be working with the copywriter to convey project needs, giving art direction to the designers or working with the development team to describe scope of work. The PM will give internal proofs to AE’s and will work with client on proofing once AE has approved layouts. When projects are complete, the PM will e-mail or call clients to let them know status.

Proofreading & Art Direction

The PM must be able to critique print ads, web designs and more in order to inform production team of necessary changes. In addition, the fine taste for design is a plus to make appropriate changes before AE and client receive project drafts. This covers effective offers, assuring project appeals to the target audience, copy is effective, compelling and the design is fresh. This person is a key part of raising the bar when it comes to marketing that looks good, is dynamic and drives revenue for our clients. In addition, the PM will be trained to look at details on website pages to ensure that all search engine criteria is present and composed properly. Plus the PM will ensure that all effective elements are present for optimal clicks, impressions and lead/revenue generation.

Works With:

Web/Graphic Designers, Web Developers, Copywriters, Search Marketing Specialists, Social Media Specialists, Inbound Strategists, Account Managers and Sales Team.

Terms of Employment:

There will be a 90-day introductory period, at the end of which an employee evaluation will take place. At this time, continuation of employment will be decided upon between both parties. Insurance and retirement savings plan will be optional for the employee at this time.

Software Experience:

Must be proficient in Microsoft Outlook, Word, Power Point, and Excel. Knowledge of PC and Mac both are helpful.


The PM must be able to work under tight deadlines. He/she must be able to work on multiple projects at the same time, including some of which may fall outside this job description. The ideal candidate must have a creative attitude in brainstorming marketing ideas for projects/clients. Being able to think on your feet without being managed is a plus. Having a positive attitude and being enthusiastic is a must. In addition, being able to persuade others is an important attribute in meeting deadlines.

Education & Work History Requirements:

A bachelor’s degree or the equivalent is required in Marketing, Advertising or a related field. A minimum of 2 years experience in an agency or corporate environment is necessary. Any sales background, art direction, project management or people management skills will increase chances for success.
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