Our Team’s Core Values

At Lure, our core values did not come from the founder and hung on the wall and forgot. Our team comes up with the core values to describe who we are and what traits we best represent. We work best with companies that share in these core values as well. Here we go…

Relax, We’ve Got Your Back

We take care of our team and our customers through internal checks and balances processes and by being detailed and thorough. You can count on us!

No Politicians Here…We Shoot Straight

We always tell it like it is. We are fair, trustworthy, and have a strong moral compass. We always put our customer’s success before ours and help them make the right decisions.

Dart-Throwing, Grug-Giving, Snack-Eating, Fun

Life is too short to work with no play. We make sure that our team has a positive attitude, smiles, lots of laughs, and gets to enjoy each other for who we are.

Digitally Psychic…Not Psycho

We keep our eyes on the future and prepare our customers for it. We’re optimistic about the future of our company – and our clients – and set our course for success and growth.

Up for a Good Challenge

We love a good challenge when it pops up; we love competing and we will never give up on each other, customers, or projects.

Don’t Take It Personally, It’s OK to Be Wrong

We eat humble pie, take a lot of risks, and aren’t afraid to admit when we’re wrong. Laugh at yourself, get over it, and be better for it.

Education…We Graduated, But College Never Ended

Although we have degrees in this or that, we thrive on learning new marketing, web tips, tricks, and hacks. Oh, and we encourage our customers to do the same.

Bringing Our “A” Game…and Our “B” Game (Just In Case)

Oh yes, we are go-getters and hard workers; filling in the gaps and picking up slack is all a part of being 100% accountable to our success, and our customer’s success every day.

Details…We See What Others Don’t

That’s right. We’re all up in your business, my friend. We pay attention to details and are on top of things. So go do what you do, we got this!

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