How We Work

Agile Marketing…It’s the best way to beat the competition!

It’s time to change the way you think about marketing strategy and execution. Buying pre-packaged marketing services for the sake of repetition and creating a volume of content is no longer relevant to Google or your prospects and customers.

Search engines, technology, software, and the way people use the web are changing so fast that ideas planned a year in advance, or even each quarter, often lose relevance when it’s time to implement them. Instead, you now have to create your marketing strategy as close to “real time” as possible to stay ahead of the competition, gain new leads, and grow your business.

Now that Lure Creative is an agile marketing agency, our marketing teams and clients work more fluidly, more “agile,” and focus month-by-month on what the best, most creative ideas and options are for reaching the client goals year round. We insist that our customers embrace change as we do, and improve marketing strategies that result in the highest ROI possible.

agile inbound marketing team

You can’t deny the powerful results of Agile Marketing

  • Maximizing marketing investments each and every month
  • Fresh content and ideas that attract today’s buyers
  • Decisions made from recent, actual data rather than assumptions
  • Flexible marketing planning and strategy to adjust accordingly
  • No longer tied down to 12-month repetition-packaged services that force the same strategy over and over regardless of results.
  • Dedicated team that learns your business and knows what to do.

Win all 12 months and find out why agile results are magnified!

How Inbound Teams Score Goals For You!

Our inbound marketing agency in Kansas City is strategically organized into Inbound Marketing Teams that go to work just for you. You may be saying, “yeah right”. But the way we organize teams and execute work provides the dedication of a 5-person marketing team for a 2-week “Sprint” where they execute your custom marketing plan, and stage it to roll out in a timely schedule just when you need it.

Meet Your Inbound Marketing Team

Complete 5-Person Marketing Team – Account Manager, Social Media Specialist, Copywriter, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist, and a Web Designer.

About Your Account Manager – Your key point of contact for all things marketing and acts as the Team Leader. The Account Manager is responsible for knowing all about your company.

  • They will know key roles in your company and how to get content submitted and improved in a timely manner.
  • Understand your Branding Guidelines, and will help create “Tone of Voice” and ensure consistency throughout your online content and messaging.
  • Will have your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual goals documented and will hold their teams accountable for doing the best to reach those goals.
  • Will be the technical director and implementer for HubSpot software (for Inbound Marketing) and related software integrations.
  • Account Managers will lead client workshops for identifying Customer Personas.
  • They schedule and conduct Monthly/Quarterly Client Strategy Meetings.
  • And finally, will measure and report on campaign results each month.

Our Agile Process Step by Step

When a client invests in our inbound marketing programs, they are assigned and introduced to their new team of talented Marketing Specialists. The formal process involves a client Kickoff Meeting where everyone meets each other, learns your company’s history, services/products, niches or specialties, core values, and branding, and your goals are shared with the team members so that they know the metrics they are being held accountable for.

We welcome you to join your Sprint Meeting. A Sprint Meeting is a 1-2 hour brainstorming workshop where the upcoming month’s strategies for Inbound Marketing Campaigns, SEO Strategy, Social Media Plans are decided upon. You get the newest freshest ideas going to work for you.

The Team Leader (Account Manager) presents the upcoming month’s goals, services or products we are promoting, the target persona(s) for those products/services, and kicks off with a few content ideas of their own. We usually look at the prior month’s performance, make adjustments when necessary, and improve on the most important metrics to reach goals.

The client’s budget pre-purchases points from our marketing services menu. The budget amount is usually determined at the time of onboarding as a new client. Points make it easier for our marketing team to calculate how much they can accomplish within the designated 2-week sprint of work. Plus, it makes it easier for the client to understand how long specific tasks take to complete and their real value.

Note: No more than 50 points can be completed in any 2-week sprint. If tasks worth more than 50 points need to be completed, then we break the scope of work into multiple sprints for the sake of timelines and reasonable execution by the team.

At the end of each Sprint Meeting, the final strategy is summarized by a team member and organized into a Sprint Strategy that is sent to you for approval. No more mystery of wondering what your monthly marketing budget is going towards. You get the details up front.

After approval of the scope of work and tasks that your team determines will best meet your goals, the pieces are broken into tasks and assigned to team members. The work will be completed within the two-week sprint where they will be dedicated to completing your work ahead of schedule. All the blog posts, social posts, ad campaigns are pre-loaded and staged to launch on the dates best determined for maximum campaign ROI.

Campaign marketing performance is monitored, measured, and reported to the team and the client both. This documentation will be used to hold the team accountable for results and provide data to build upon for the next month’s campaign strategy. It’s a self-improving process and you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Are you not quite ready for our full Inbound Marketing Services?

That’s totally okay! Our mission is to help you get there by attracting new leads and helping you close more sales. If we do our job, you will grow into the next tier of our services. Here’s some FAQs when it comes to our marketing services.

Agile & Inbound Marketing FAQs

Yes, you will still be assigned a team, but your main contact may be the Social Media Specialist if that’s the only services that Lure Creative is doing for your company. Or if you are just doing an SEO Audit on your website, then you may be dealing directly with the SEO Specialist on that team. When doing a la carte services or on a smaller client tier, it means that instead of monthly Sprint Meetings, you will have Quarterly Strategy Meetings instead. And, you will not have access and free consultation from other team members unless you have hired for that specific service or specialty. We encourage you to take advantage of as much as possible from our Kansas City HubSpot agency, but we are glad to meet you at your current comfort level. See our online listings & company mentions.

Our concept is that in hiring Lure Creative for just one of our services, means your company will grow. So by assigning you to a team, it means that when you are ready for the next step, we simply introduce you to the next person on that team and off you go. Plus even some of our smaller, entry-level customers still use our flexible point system and may use different parts of their team in different months of the year. It sure is nice knowing someone is always there for you, right?

Although you are assigned a team when you hire Lure Creative for monthly marketing, that team will not be performing monthly Sprint Meetings as a group or with our clients until your monthly spend is $5000 per month or more.

We still work agile and use our point system to perform work. We like to keep it flexible from month to month. However, we bypass the group strategy meeting and the Account Manager will draft up a plan each month based on the amount of points your budget buys each month. A minimum budget commitment will be required from all clients.

The allocated and committed budget for Lure Creative must be applied towards any of our Inbound Services or Website Design/Development services. See our Inbound Marketing Menu for details on points. Points or budget allocated to Lure Creative services cannot be applied towards Facebook Ads, Boosting, Google Adwords or 3rd party budget or software fees. Monthly points also cannot be applied towards paid search management, hosting or any of our services not included on our Inbound Points Menu.
No my friend. Our point system allows for website changes, page add-ons, UX Design, Workshops and more!

We have never seen a case where points were left over. For the sake of keeping the accounting simple and trackable, we will allocate the points for each monthly sprint. Points do not carry over. They are on a use it or lose it method and we plan to use the budget you give us each month to knock it out of the park for your company.

We recommend you dedicate a fair amount of points each month and stick to it. We will ask for a flat commitment of the same min. Budget each and every month. We can change that amount each year to correspond with revenue, growth and results, but we do need a minimum we can work with. You can always add points as needed month by month if you want. Just let your Account Manager know and we can do that special project you want or ramp up when you need it most.

You can always call our Support Desk or go online and fill out a support ticket for website changes, repairs or add-ons. Someone is always there to take care of you.

Any new projects or changes in current services are handled by our Sales Team. They have all the information and access to hear your needs and properly quote the scope of work you require to solve problems or simply keep up with your company’s growth.

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