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Darren Harms

SEO Specialist

They Call Me…. 

Darrell, Dan, Don, or anything other than Darren when being introduced

I Bet You Don’t Know: 

  • I do woodworking in the basement of my townhome
  • I was in a band for 5 years and toured the country
  • I spent about 2 years looking out the windshield of a concrete mixer

At Work: 

I normally start my work day in the car on the drive in listening to various podcasts about industry news and updates. It gets me into a productive mood before I get to work and usually provides me with a few new sites to check out or tools to try when I get to the office. After I get through emails I get going on current projects and testing. I enjoy the technical side of SEO the most. This is where I get to dig into onsite optimization and fix any errors or gaps in current best practices.

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After Work: 

I enjoy going home to my wife and two kids (a 2 year old and a 6 month old). We all love spending time outside as much as we can. When the kids are in bed and all other work is done I head down to the basement where I have a little woodshop setup in our townhome. I love learning new things and woodworking provides plenty of problem solving opportunities on each project. When it gets too late to fire up the machines I relax by playing guitar or spending time with my wife.