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Kelli Stroud

Project Manager

They Call Me…

Manager of Projects, Coordinator of Tasks, Herder of People, Extroverted Introvert, Loving Daughter, Caring Friend, Versatile Artist, Tall Girl, Loud Laugher

Fun Facts:

  • I was voted “Biggest Klutz” in high school
  • I would love to be a contestant on a game show
  • I worked for the ESPN X-Games in college

At Work:

If you are working with us on a project, odds are you will meet me via phone, email, or in person at some point in the process. As Project Manager, I make sure that all of the pieces are collected at the start of a project, assigned to the right people on our team, and completed on time.

I definitely use my right and left brain equally. While I have a creative background, I also love spreadsheets. My job is rewarding because when everything is lined up just right, the rest of our team can focus specifically on doing what they do best while I take care of the other details. I love that my role includes interacting with both our remarkable team and our awesome clients.

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After Work:

Growing up in an extremely artistic family, creative ventures have always been a part of my daily life. In high school I was a member of the Thespian Society and All-State Choir in Colorado and then I shifted to the visual arts, studying photojournalism in college. Since then I’ve gotten into painting and jewelry making, and most recently I’ve been learning the art of hand-lettering. I find that I am happiest when I am creating something, but I prefer that to be my hobby rather than my career.

I’m not from KC, but it has definitely become home (though I could definitely do without the humidity here). I enjoy live music, watching movies, and I am a huge fan of all things Kansas City. When I’m at home, I’m often joined in my art projects by my super-cute and hilariously chatty cat, Petunia.