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Kyle Goens

Graphic & Web Designer

They Call Me…

Hey You, …Kevin?..Ken?, Design Guy, KG, Van Gogh-ens (okay, maybe not)

I Bet You Don’t Know: 

  • I taught myself how to use Photoshop in high school and that was the end of my engineering career (sorry Mom and Dad).
  • I’ll hold a grudge if you send me photos in a Word doc.
  • I accidentally killed a former co-workers cactus… (don’t tell Corinna).
  • Red Panda’s spend 17 hours finding and eating bamboo every day (Were these all supposed to be about me?).

At Work: 

I drink a lot of coffee and eat a lot of snacks. Occasionally I’ll design something. I’m the one responsible for figuring out how to “make it pop”. Sarcasm aside, I’m one of the designers here who loves taking the great ideas from the rest of the Lure team and our clients and making them come to life. If I’m not busy designing websites, infographics, e-mails or ads, I’m usually listening to design podcasts or scouring the internet for new ideas and inspiration. I’m the best dart thrower here in the office but I’ll usually throw the game so my fellow co-workers keep playing with me.

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After Work: 

Outside of work I like to alternate between being overly active and extremely lazy. My love of being outdoors, hiking, and working out offsets my love for reading, frying food, and binge-watching Netflix. I have a habit of staying up way too late designing and illustrating random things; currently superheroes and pop culture icons. My favorite way to unwind is driving down to Truman Lake with my dog Rocky and spending the weekend fishing and hanging out with friends and family out on the lake.