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Ryan J. Parshall


They Call Me…. 

President, Leader, Entrepreneur, Marketing Guy, Web Consultant, R.J. (Nickname), Coach Ryan (Soccer), Dad, High-Energy, Passionate, Competitive, Faithful, Honest, Trustworthy and King of Dad Jokes.

I Bet You Don’t Know: 

  • Saw Elvis Presley in concert at the age of six…Thank you very much!
  • Have never broken a bone and credit the “Got Milk” campaign.
  • Question my own sanity by starting a company in a recession.
  • I’m a Licensed Soccer Coach and I can never get enough soccer.

At Work: 

My day starts with 2-3 cups of gourmet coffee. I check my emails and plan my day. My goal is to take care of customers first and ensure that my team loves what they do. I spend about half of my day consulting and the other half I help the Lure Team learn as much as they can about marketing and websites so they can continue to provide top results for our customers.
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After Work: 

Great Outdoors time! When work is done, you can find me Mountain Biking the local trails. I hate cold weather and want to move to Sedona and Hike and Bike every day and be a real Granola. I get my kicks by Coaching and Playing Soccer. If I get bored…Ok…I’m never bored, but I like landscaping, mowing the yard and any project that get’s me away from my desk and a computer so I can clear my head. Repeat-Refuel-and start all over again the next day!