Learn to Speak Lure

So you decided to partner with Lure Creative or are considering coming to work for our agency. Either way, you might want to brush up on terms you may (or may not) hear on a daily basis. Learn to speak fish with our Lure Creative glossary of terms. Enjoy!

The colorful, creative, and fun fish mascot for Lure Creative.

A compliment given to a Lure employee or client for doing a fantastic job.

To suspect foul play by Google, a competitor, or a third party.

Gillty as Charged
Admitting you did something wrong and having the humility to go fix it.

Someone new to Inbound Marketing or Inbound Sales.

Growth Ecosystem
The detailed process studied and documented by Lure Creative in which a company can take particular marketing and sales actions that grow their company in a healthy manner using Inbound Marketing, Inbound Sales and Entrepreneurial Processes.

Just for the Halibut
Creating eye candy graphics or crazy titles and content just to get the viewer’s attention.

Just Keep Swimming
No matter how impatient you are, you must be persistent and Inbound Marketing will pay off big!

Just Squidding
Joking around with another Lure employee.

King Fish
The person in charge of a web project or inbound campaign.

Let Minnow
To give someone time to research or try something and to then let you know what the results are. As in…”Let Me Know”.

Lure Academy
The internal education program, at Lure Creative, that encourages certifications, presentations and other requirements to grow in knowledge, skills, and career.

Lure Fish
A word that describes the employees at Lure Creative. A term of endearment and appreciation for the passion for Inbound Marketing , Inbound Sales, and Web Design.

New Squid on the Block
The newest Lure Creative Employee

An opportunity that presents itself to grow conversions, leads, and your company.

Pain in the Bass
Describes a customer who simply refuses to learn the new ways of Inbound Marketing, Sales, or Web Design. A customer who will not allow themselves to be helped, or educated about Inbound Marketing.

Re-Porpoise Content
To not only re-use content on your blog, but to improve it greatly and add some inbound power that will result in more visits, reads, and conversions.

Reely Good
A compliment given to a Lure employee or client when a valid attempt was made to be “Inboundy”.

Scale Down Content
The action of removing unnecessary sentences or paragraphs in order to shorten a web page or blog and make it more readable.

School of Fish
When a group of Lure employees congregate for the purpose of learning more about Inbound Marketing, Inbound Sales, SEO, Social Media, or Websites.

Swim Team
An aggressive attack by a Lure Marketing Team to solve a problem for a client. To swim upon it and make it all good!

When things are going just fine and no problems have occurred.

The Lure Experience
The total experience felt when someone is part of the Lure Creative Inbound Agency. A feeling of pleasure and excitement all in one.

The Lure Process
The is the total process from onboarding a new customer at Lure Creative to building the website, to set up in HubSpot and other software, launching inbound campaigns and all other actions that contribute to building the ultimate marketing machine for lead generation for a business.


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