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Healthcare Marketing Trends
5 Top Healthcare Marketing Trends in 2023
It’s hard to keep up with the changing landscape in healthcare marketing. It’s a digital world we live in and the pace of progress is both relentless and daunting. It...
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search engine marketing for healthcare
Search Engine Marketing for Healthcare – Don’t Let Short-Term Gains Cloud the Long-Term Picture
So you want more patients and you’ve discovered a great tool to find them - Google Ads. With Google Ads, (paid search, pay-per-click, PPC), whatever you call it, the formula...
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Healthcare Social Media
Don’t Discount Social Media for Healthcare Marketing
It’s funny when we hear a healthcare client say. “Social isn’t important in my marketing.” You may think because you are in healthcare, a segment that is generally considered more...
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Get Found. Be Known Slogan
Get Found. Be Known. – More Than a Slogan
At Lure Creative, our slogan is - Get Found. Be Known. It’s not just a clever line. It is fundamental to our strategy for our clients. Because we specialize in...
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Healthcare Marketing Plan
Never Wonder if Your Healthcare Marketing Is Working Again
Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what your marketing dollars were buying? I’m talking about every piece of the marketing puzzle from AdWords to website pop-ups. Results from...
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(DPC) Direct Primary Care Doctor
Marketing for Direct Primary Care Providers
Healthcare marketing comes with its own set of specific challenges. Targeting limitations due to privacy issues and insurance coverage complications that affect messaging strategies. The pitfalls of working with new...
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frustrated doctor
Hey Doc, You’re Doing Too Much…Do Less 
Do Less GIFfrom Do GIFs We see it all the time. Hardworking doctors who are trying desperately to grow their practices, practically killing themselves and getting nowhere. Sound familiar? If...
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SEO spelled out with a magnifying glass
Healthcare SEO: Get More Patients to Your Practice Through Organic Search
Are you looking for ways to improve your healthcare SEO? Healthcare SEO is important if you want to attract patients to your practice. We're sure you know that healthcare search...
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vein clinic marketing
The Ultimate Guide to Vein Clinic Marketing
Marketing is hard. Running a vein clinic is even harder. At Lure Creative, we specialize in marketing for health and wellness clients including vein clinic marketing.  If you feel like...
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Med spa marketing tips
9 Med Spa Marketing Ideas to Get More Patients
In the med spa industry, whether you’re trying to maintain your current size or grow your business, the one thing you must have is a steady flow of patients. But...
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