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Top 3 Website Musts

December 14, 2010
What should your website do?
webite must
1.  First of all, it had better say, “You found us!”  Your landing page should let your customer know they’ve reached the right site. Having your website branded to look like your business/product is important. (This can be challenging if you’re using a template-style design.)


2. Secondly, it needs to be easy to navigate. If your customer can’t get a quick answer to their question or solution to their problem, it’s just too easy to go somewhere else. This is where our marketing savvy comes in handy. Rather than ask, “What do we have to say?”, we ask the important questions like, “What is it your customer wants?”  Then we make sure your site provides it.


3. Your website should be easy to find which really means search engine friendly. Make sure your site contains the most popular keywords a customer would use to search for your business. There are many “tricks” you can use to make sure your site is as optimized as possible (keywords, page descriptions, metatags, etc.) If you don’t know the tricks, talk to someone who does. You want your site to come up quickly when a search is performed to give you an edge over your competition.


Many times, all a website needs is a sprucing up. Other times a complete overhaul is in order.  If you think your website might be in need of either, call us at (913) 284-7821 and we’ll have your site revved up in no time.

The internet may be a virtual place, but being virtually invisible won’t get you any business there.


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