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3 Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising

August 22, 2013

Pay per click advertising is a powerful lead generator for many companies. This online tool helps to increase an online presence, as well as contribute to the bottom line. (If you are not familiar with PPC, check out: The Basics of Pay Per Click Advertising.) Lure Creative put together a list of three powerful benefits to using this tool.

Your Website Traffic Increases with PPC

Pay per click ads that appear on search engines typically send Internet surfers directly to your website. From both a search engine standpoint and a business standpoint, increasing website traffic is beneficial. This shows search engines that your website is relevant to searchers and will give your site more SEO power. From a business standpoint, this increases your potential of leads, which in turn can give businesses a higher ROI.

Pay Per Click Advertising Increases Your Marketing Reach 

In addition to organic search results, social media, and other forms of marketing, PPC advertising expands your online visibility. This not only increases your marketing reach but can also help to position your company as an industry leader.

PPC Helps Generate Targeted Website Visitors

When someone uses a search engine they typically have a need for something. It could be a homeowner in search of a heating and air conditioning company or a high school senior searching for potential colleges. PPC ads help guide the surfer to your website. Based off of the ad, which can be geared for a specific service or a specific major, you have gained a targeted website visitor. This is extremely beneficial for website lead conversions and your business’s bottom line.

For more benefits of pay per click advertising or to sign up for PPC services, give Lure Creative a call at (913) 649-4040.

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