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3 Components Your Online Forms Must Have to Gain More HVAC Customers

December 9, 2014

When it comes to converting your online leads into customers, it takes more than a bunch of gizmos and gadgets on your heating and cooling company’s website. It requires calculated moves, methodical copy, and guided direction. Use an interesting and persuasive e-book or whitepaper and offer it to your website visitors via a landing page. In order to download that valuable piece of information though, your visitors must fill out a form on the landing page. Another important form to have is a “Request A Service” form. These forms are where your company gets valuable information from your leads in return. Here are three things your landing pages need to have to persuade your online leads to fill out your form, and download your offer or request service.

Correct Positioning & Layout

One of the most important things about a form landing page is its layout. Its layout should make it as easy as possible for site visitors to fill out the form and download the offer or request service. You don’t want to make your leads work to find it or you might risk losing them. Instead, make sure the entire form is above the fold. The fold, of course, means the bottom of your computer’s viewing screen. No scrolling required is the best approach to a form landing page.

Adding an image or picture to your form is also important. But make sure that image relates to the offer in some way. The image should act as a visual catalyst that makes the lead want the offer more. So, if your offer is a step by step guide to reducing energy bills, you would want a picture of the guide, a homeowner holding a low energy bill or something relating to it.

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Convincing & Concise Copy

Also related to the layout of the form landing page is the copy you put on it. This is not a blog post or a geo page. The copy should be short, to the point, but convincing. It needs to explain what the offer entails and why it would benefit your lead. Bullet points are encouraged.

The Right Fields

Lastly, make sure you have the right fields for your leads to fill out on your form. The amount of information you ask for from your leads on your form should be of equivalent value to the offer you are giving them in exchange. Asking for too much information can turn leads away, and asking the wrong type of information will leave you scrambling. For a “Request A Service” form, keep it simple by asking for name and phone number. For a lengthy and detailed e-book you could ask for a lead’s name, email address, and zip code. In order to make sure they are also a qualified lead you may want to include other options as well. Include fields such as telephone number, current HVAC services they use, age of heating and cooling system, etc. These fields will help you decide how likely that lead is to become a customer.

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