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3 Excellent Examples of Responsive Web Design

August 9, 2013

2013 has been deemed by marketing and website design experts as the year of responsive web design. Gone are the days of needing multiple website formats, one for desktop, one for tablet, etc., and the tedious resizing and scrolling to be able to read a webpage on your mobile phone.

(For a full explanation about responsive website design, check out this blog post we wrote a few months ago: Why Responsive Web Design Should be Your Business’s Next Investment.)

So what does a well built responsive website look like? Lure Creative put together three excellent examples for you to check out!

Medical Website Goes Responsive

Sunflower Medical Group Responsive

Sunflower Medical Group came to Lure Creative wanting a refreshed looking website that included a unique patient portal. The catch? They wanted their website to be easily accessible on a mobile device or tablet, as well as a desktop computer, without having to build three separate sites. Because of this, Lure Creative suggested responsive web design.

Sunflower Medical Group Lure Creative Responsive Websites

Responsive Web Design Works for Lawn Care Company

Lure Creative Heritage Lawns and irrigation Responsive Website

A second excellent responsive website design is Heritage Lawns & Irrigation’s. Their need for a responsive website stemmed from being a lead generation company. With responsive web design, the important information that potential customers need automatically appears at the top on any device. For Heritage, that includes contact information and their main services.

Heating & Cooling Company Benefits from Responsive Website

Worlock Air Conditioning Lure Creative Mobile Websites

A third excellent responsive web design is for a heating and cooling company based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Worlock Air Conditioning wanted a website that allowed them to easily display their specials to web visitors, no matter the device that they were using. Lure Creative suggested a responsive website to do just this and help to keep web visitors on the site for a longer amount of time, which in turn results in more customers.

Responsive Websites Kansas City Worlock Air Conditioning

For more examples of responsive websites or information about website design, give Lure Creative a call today at (913) 649-4040.

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