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3 Reasons Small Businesses Hire a Marketing Agency

April 28, 2015

Your company may be small and local, but it’s budding with potential. You have all the right talent and products in place and all your ducks are in a row. Now all you need is for the phone to start ringing. This is where it gets a bit gritty. Waiting by the phone and twiddling your thumbs can get old fast. When you’ve exhausted all of your own resources on marketing your growing company and still aren’t seeing results it can get frustrating. This is often the time when we get calls from businesses looking for marketing advice. Our Lure Creative lead generating team knows what makes small business owners tick and decide to make that call. These are the three reasons we often find that small businesses hire marketing companies like us.

To Keep Their Website Updated & Relevant

Small business owners often start off with a small budget. This means their first website is usually self-built or they’ve hired a low-end website design company to build something that will just get the job done. Once business starts to pick up a bit and cash flows a little more freely, small business owners start to realize that their flimsy website isn’t going to make the cut anymore.

Hiring a marketing company to take the reigns when it comes to your website and online marketing can really be a turning point for small businesses. It’s not defeat, it’s a savvy business move. A great marketing company will keep your website updated with the right plug-ins and software so that it has good load time, is viewable on all platforms, and has the most relevant information on its pages. This combination of website marketing expertise can seriously boost your search engine rankings, and the amount of phone calls coming into your office. Having a regularly updated website is one of the main reasons we get hired on to help small business expand. The web world may be vast, but it’s power is real when it comes to profits.

It’s easy to create a business Facebook page and ask all your friends and family to ‘like’ the page. But that’s not enough to gain traction in the social media world. Many small businesses think that they have a handle on social media since almost everyone and their grandmother has an account these days, but it take a lot more than basic knowledge of how to post a status and a few pictures to see it result in real action in your accounting books.

After a good jab at trying to manage social media marketing on their own, many of our customers have called us asking what the secret is. Well, here’s the undercover trick; you need to have someone who has the time to dedicate themselves to social media and content marketing full time. It’s not something you can just do on the side when you have time if you really want to see a return. Hiring a marketing company to manage your social media accounts, manage your content creation and execution, and conduct quality customer outreach and communication can change everything. We know the best practices for social media marketing like the back of our hand. We will also target the RIGHT audience on social media. It’s not always the number of followers you have, but the quality of them. Are they in your target audience? Do they live in your service areas? Those are just a few of several factors that would make them a quality social media follower.

To Get You More Qualified Leads

You hear the term, and probably use it, all the time; leads. A lead is what drives your company to improve, but if you’re not searching for the most qualified ones, you’re wasting your time. Small businesses call marketing companies like us to focus on getting them more of these, because that is the key to a booming business. Knowing who to target and when will make your conversion rates grow immensely.

You need a marketing company that will use a combination of Search Engine Optimization, quality content, and focused strategy to get you more of these leads that are ready to become customers. The Inbound Marketing strategy is how Lure Creative gets the job done. This strategy serves as a way to weed out the leads that aren’t worth your time and effort, which in turn saves you so much time and wasted resources. Let us do the hard work so that you can do more of what will help your small business grow.

To turn your small business into budding company, call the marketing experts that can get the job done at Lure Creative. You can reach us at (913) 649-4040.

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