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3 Reasons Your SEO Strategy Is Failing

August 22, 2014

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an integral part of the online marketing world now. A few years back, when it popped onto the scene, it was less tracked, but effective. Fast forward to 2014 and SEO is still going strong, despite claims that it’s dying or dead. But, these days SEO is something that is heavily tracked by companies that use it, and by big players in the web marketing world who determine how it should be used and who should be rewarded for using it according to their terms. This can make things a bit tricky if you are on the marketing end. If you seem to be hitting roadblocks with your SEO, it’s probably one of the following problems. Lure Creative will address these top three reasons your SEO strategy is failing and how you can turn things around.

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Writing a Lot of Mediocre Content

While content still seems to reign as king, things have changed over the years. More is not always better. This pertains to not only the amount of content, but to the amount of keywords and links within the content. Consumers are savvier than many businesses give them credit for. They recognize when you’re over-stuffing your homepage with keywords and links, and they don’t like it! So stop it. Instead, have less content that is more meaningful and useful to site visitors. Use your keywords, but not in every other sentence. Have enough so visitors know what your company does and how it benefits them. And more links doesn’t mean you’re more likely to pop up on page one. The links should have meaning and use. Choose where you place them wisely.

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Not Using Social Media to Your Advantage

If your company doesn’t have social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (if not more), start them, NOW. Social media is no longer just a place to stalk your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend. It’s now a useful and effective marketing tool. A growing trend in the last year or so is the marketing move into the social world. With more than a billion people on social sites like Facebook, it’s highly plausible that your target audience is on social media sites and is reading your content. To get started, decide which social sites your target customer is most likely to use, then build profiles on those sites and start posting relevant content that would be useful or entertaining to your potential customers. The content and links you post to social media help boost your SEO, by adding more credibility to your website.

Too Many Spammy Back links

Stop being sketchy with your back links. In the early years of SEO. many so-called “experts” learned how to manipulate Google’s algorithms by placing links to their websites on thousands of directories, social networks, articles, and websites. While this provides your website with lots of exposure, it’s not always the right kind. Over the past few years Google has caught on to the large number of low quality back links and now penalizes for this type of SEO behavior, dropping your engine ranking drastically. Instead, link wisely. Make sure you’re only linking to credible sites that correlate to your business in some way.

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