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3 Things to Consider before Beginning Your Company’s Social Media Marketing

May 14, 2013

Social media marketing is an extremely powerful tool. Think about it. It can take years to build a brand but one tweet to destroy it. Your company can spend thousands on television advertisements and reach a smaller audience than a marketing campaign launched on a free social media platform. This amount of power should come with plenty of research, planning, coordination and responsibility. Ask yourself these questions before beginning your social media marketing. If you have already begun, analyze your campaigns with these questions.

Does Your Company Need to Be on Every Social Media Platform?

The answer to this question is no. Pick your strengths. Let’s say that your company creates a Twitter account and ends up with only a handful of followers after months of tweeting on a consistent basis. Your company also creates a Facebook profile with hundreds of followers and a high level of engagement, or interaction with Facebook fans.  Focus your time, energy and dollars on the network that is actually helping your company achieve its social media marketing goals.

What is Your Goal with each Platform?

It is important to define your company’s goal on each social media platform. No more are the days of hoping to simply increase fans or followers. Rather successful companies using social media today have goals to use a social network to reach out to a new target market or as a customer service tool.

How will you Manage Day to Day Operations?

Keeping up with your social networks on a consistent basis often requires more work than most people realize. Before getting your company started on social media it is important to decide who is going to be responsible for developing a social media marketing strategy, implementing the plan and measuring and tracking results. Some companies prefer to hire a marketing agency to do this work for them, while others find it more valuable to have an internal member be assigned these duties.

Once you have these questions answered you should have a good understanding about the direction you want social media to take your company and how. For more information about social media marketing, give Lure Creative a call at (913) 649-4040.

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