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4 Fabulous Homepages for Your Next Website Redesign

February 20, 2013

First impressions are everything and in today’s world of online search, your website serves as your company’s first impression on hundreds of people each and every month. So why should it be anything short of fabulous? From the overall design and strategically placed calls to action to luring potential customers in by being visually appealing to your target market and providing answers to their questions, there are multiple factors that go into making a website fabulous. Lure Creative put together our list of four designs for your next website redesign that incorporate all of these fabulous factors.

Your Company’s Overall Website Design Should be Strong

Wise Security Lure Creative Website

There are multiple elements that go into the design of a website. This includes the overall layout, use of space, user mobility, and so much more. Each and every one of these components helps establish a brand’s personality, can communicate value to website visitors, and even develops a certain level of trust. Wise Security’s website is not only visually appealing but portrays them as an industry leader.

Fabulous Websites Appeal to their Target Market

Cornerstone Website Design Kansas City Lure Creative

It is time to get in the mindset of a member of your target market. When looking at your website, website visitors should be able to understand what is written. Yes, that means it is time to ditch the technical jargon of your industry. Cornerstone Home Improvement’s website immediately grabs the attention of a homeowner looking for their three specialties. By introducing them to their three main services, the website can then take the visitor from a basic introduction to their service to a more detailed page that breaks down what they do and what brands they offer. This website design by Lure Creative provides a natural process that is appealing to website visitors without overwhelming them.

Powerful Websites Answer the Questions of Potential Customers

Old Town Veterinary Clinic Lure Creative Website

Part of a first impression involves learning about the 5W’s, or who, what, where, when, and why. If your website does not easily display the answer to these five questions, then it will lose potential customers. Do not make website visitors work to find out more about your company, do what Old Town Veterinary Clinic did and make sure it’s on your homepage.

Include at Least One Clear Call to Action

Eazy Breezy heating and cooling Lure Creative

More times than not, people need a push in the right direction. It is because of this that fabulous websites include at least one call to action on their homepage. Take a look at Eazy Breezy Heating and Cooling’s website. Not only do they remind website visitors to call them, but they also provide them with a second call to action of requesting a service. Let your website serve as a virtual salesperson!

So there you have it, four fabulous homepage designs for your next redesign. Feel free to study, scrutinize and then give Lure Creative a call at (855) 765-4500 for a free one hour consultation!

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