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4 Facebook Boosting Metrics That Will Make Your Boss “Like” Facebook

July 1, 2017
facebook boosting and metrics

Sometimes getting a boosting approved by your manager can be worse than pulling teeth. What’s the secret to getting your boss to approve any budget, but particularly one related to Facebook?

They have to see results. Thankfully, Facebook makes it relatively easy to find all types of metrics to measure the results of your Facebook boosts.

Or does it? One of the best things about using Facebook as a Social Media Specialist is all of the insightful and invaluable metrics you can gather through it. One of the worst things about using Facebook is the same exact reason.

Sometimes, having every number at your fingertips can become overwhelming, causing frustration and burnout for the marketer, particularly if you are new to Facebook advertising.

This is why Lure Creative has compiled the 4 most important Facebook boosting metrics that you should pay attention to when recording results from campaigns! And hint: it’s not all about the likes…

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Finding The Right Facebook Metrics Is A Lot Like Playing “Where’s Waldo?” Except With More Gray

Before you can begin to compile any metrics, you have to find where they live! The best place to look is in Facebook’s handy-dandy Insights tab.

To access this, log into your Facebook Business manager, go to the Page you manage, and find “Insights” at the top tab, like so:

how to get to Facebook Insights

Hooray! You are now looking at Facebook Insights. Here’s the next steps to accessing your metrics:

Facebook Posts insights

Okay, great! So now you should see a screen that says…

how to see people reached on Facebook

Good job! You’ve found it! Now to finding out what it all means.


1. Unique Link Clicks Show Many People Are Visiting Your Link

Unique link clicksfacebook unique clicks consist how many times a single individual clicks on a link in your post. This is not the total number of times a link is clicked, which can include link clicks from the same person (this usually means a person is a more serious buyer), and is an excellent metric to track how many people actually landed on your website, landing page, or offer via that exact post.


Unique link clicks are important if your ultimate goal is to drive people’s attention to something else other than the post, like to your website, blog, or specific offer page.

This is why they are a better metric to pay attention to than likes in this case, as likes only determine if people liked your social post’s copy, rather than being interested in what the copy is about.

2. Cost Per Click Will Help You Make An Efficient Marketing Budget

Cost Per Click in Facebook Ads Manager

Cost Per Click can be found in the account’s Ad Manager profile, or calculated by hand!


Have you ever boosted a post, received great results, but then noticed you spent all of your boosting budget on one social post? While pouring money into a post will certainly yield better results, you want to dedicate your boosting budget in a smart way that gives your post the most exposure, with the least amount of money spent.

This is why cost per click (clicks divided by money spent) is so important: it shows you how efficiently you are using your marketing budget.  But what’s a good cost per click? That depends on your industry! Different industries have different acceptable cost per click standards.

when you get a marketing budget for Facebook Boosting

When your client gives you a marketing budget for Facebook Boosts


Bonus Points: If you want to know the percentage of people who actually clicked on your Facebook ad/post, look at the click-through rates! They also have industry standards.


3. Shares Can Give Your Posts More Exposure

more shares on FacebookWhy are shares better than likes? Simple answer: the multiplier effect. If your goal is to get your content displayed in front of a bunch of people, the best way to do that is to make social media users work for you.

Shares of content are basically free boosts; every single time a person shares a post on their page, it populates in their friend’s feeds, where other friends can share it, and then their friends can share it.

But how do you make content that people want to share? One word: value. Make sure your content is valuable to consumers and let the social media site do the work for you!

If there’s one lesson to apply to social media it’s focus on quality, not quantity. Create content that fulfills people’s needs and makes them want to share the good news.


Interested in creating valuable content? See how Lure Creative and other leading Kansas City agencies are using the inbound methodology to solve your consumers’ problems and convert them into leads.

4. Other Clicks Measure Consumer Interest

facebook metrics people reached and other clicks

If you look at the metrics of a Facebook post, you will often see the clicks broken down into three parts: photo clicks (which is when people click on the post to see the image or just because it has the biggest area of space), link clicks (which is when people click on a link within the writing of the post), and then there is a strange little metric called “other clicks”… Facebook says that those clicks are “any other clicks not related to photos or links” which, good job Facebook, may not tell you a lot.


Here is what other clicks really means: they are clicking into your Facebook profile, seeing other content, or the “see more” button.

Your post has caught their eye, so they click into your profile to check out what your company is all about. Or, alternatively, they like the content, and click the arrow buttons to see other pictures or Facebook posts.

Either way, it’s a win-win situation for you, as this means you are getting people who are genuinely interested in your brand and content.

Remember: when looking at Facebook metrics, don’t be deceived by the big illusion that likes = lots of leads.

And as with any metrics, having a goal for your social posts (whether it’s to generate more traffic to a website, or make a video viral) really helps in determining what type of metrics to look at. Godspeed and happy number crunching, fellow social marketeers!


Lure Creative wants to help you become the best marketer in the biz. That’s why we’ve made this free guide to every metric that will help get you there.

Click the image below to start downloading our free metric-minded e-book!

The 6 Marketing Metrics Your Boss Actually Cares About

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