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4 Lethal Mistakes That Are Keeping Your Website Off of Page 1 on Google

November 12, 2014

Showing up on page one of Google is no easy feat, and it usually doesn’t happen overnight. It takes calculated moves and lots of effort. We often find that businesses coming to us for help are making these disastrous mistakes, either on their website or social media profiles, that are keeping them from making their way to the top of page one. The Xperts at Lure Creative suggest you take our advice below and avoid these blunders to boost your search engine results, and in return, your leads.

Skimpy Website Copy

When it comes to website copy and other content on your site, you can’t skimp. Content is still king, that saying holds true. So what are the worst content mistakes? Don’t keyword stuff. Having a few keywords in your content is important for it to be relevant, but too many make your site read like spam to visitors and search engines. Also, don’t write boring copy on your service pages, landing pages, or in your blog articles. Compelling and unique content can greatly elevate your rankings.

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Listing Service Areas by County

Along with website copy, the way you list your service areas can change the way your website is ranked on search engines. Don’t list your service areas by county. Think smaller, and list the areas you serve by city. Most consumers will research for services they need based on its proximity to them, and a county is much larger than a city. Also, make sure you’re sprinkling in your main service city names into your website copy and titles. This will easily allow web visitors to assess your general location, as well as boost your SEO for your services in those areas.

Not Having a Google+ Page

If you don’t have a Google+ business page, you’re missing out on a great opportunity. Google+ business pages are not only a way for search engines like Google to verify your business’s information (which helps boost your trustworthiness and authority), but it’s also a great way to leverage search engine rankings through social media. Google+ pages are a great way to post relevant content and information about your business or industry. You can use relevant hashtags to join in conversational topics pertaining to your industry and in your area, which are both big factors in SEO. While you don’t need to dabble in every single social media site to hit the market, we highly suggest you at least have a Google+ page.

Vanilla-y Anchor Text Links

Stop using bland anchor texts, or hyperlink text on web pages or in blog posts. These links should be clever and well thought through. Take the time to develop the skills to build keyword rich anchor links. Stop linking “click here”, or just your company’s name. Instead, you should be using a variation of some of your keywords, as well as your company name. This will help you not only boost your search engine rankings, but also get more website visitors to click your links, which could bring them to a related page that converts them into leads.

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