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4 Marketing Trends for 2016

January 20, 2016

Good marketing tactics are always changing. Technology, new ideas, and the human attention span mean that to keep your customers interested, your marketing methods must always be looking for the next big trend. What’s new in the marketing world this year? Lure Creative is here to explain.

Location Based Marketing

Customers are getting their media – and their marketing – from their phone. In the heyday of traditional media like TV and newspapers, marketing efforts were received on a schedule, usually in the home. Today, smartphones allow marketers to speak to customers when they are nearby, or even near a competitor. With the ability to speak to your customers where they are, you can tailor your message to speak to that individual’s immediate needs, which has proven far more effective than shouting to the customer base at large.

Smartphone Use

How do marketing avenues know where someone is? Most likely: their cell phone. Today, searching is done on the go – whether you’re looking for a restaurant or a doctor, you’re probably using a smartphone. Because so many searches are being done on smartphones, it’s imperative that your website design looks good on the small screen. Webpages, emails, downloads, and more are being accessed on those five-inch screens.

Un-Interruptive Marketing

What do Netflix, TiVo, and Facebook all have in common? They don’t have commercials! Nobody likes to be interrupted, and that includes your customers. Today’s marketing hinges on finding ways to educate your customers in a way that doesn’t feel like an interruption. To do it right, you’ve got to find the right medium AND craft the right message.

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Content is King

Are we starting to sound like a broken record? No, content marketing, sometimes referred to as inbound marketing, isn’t a new trend for 2016, but it’s still a huge part of being an effective marketer this year. Furthermore, it’ll be a huge part of next year’s marketing plan, and even bigger the year after that. As we mentioned, customers don’t hate branding – they hate being interrupted! The best way to help them get to know your product is to make them want to receive more information from you. So, if you’re not already creating useful, relevant content for your customers, there’s no time like the present to start!
If any of these trends for 2016 seem like more than you can handle, give the experts at Lure Creative a call. Dial (913) 649-4040 for the marketing team who can get you up to date with today’s trends!

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