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4 Mind-blowing Website Design Statistics

August 30, 2013

When it comes to website design and redesign, there are dozens of reasons that companies invest in this marketing platform. Whether it is because of business rebranding, increasing a website’s effectiveness and user experience, or to debut new products, refreshing an online brand can often do wonders for a company and its ROI. However, before your company begins its next redesign there are a few statistics you should know first! Lure Creative collected these stats from our buddies over at HubSpot; check them out below and see what we have to say about them.

Most companies undergo a website redesign every 6 months to 2 years.

Think about it. Websites are an extension of your company’s branding, so as your company changes your website should too – be it every 6 months, or every 2 years. The more dynamic your brand is, the more often your company will need to undergo a redesign.

1/3 of marketers were not happy with their last website redesign.

When it comes to a large marketing investment, such as your website, it is important that it is exactly the way that you want it. We suggest working with a website design company, such as Lure Creative, that is willing to work with you and your budget to develop a site that includes the look, feel, content and functions that you desire. Avoid companies that use the “cookie cutter” method to create websites.

Only 8.7% of companies redesign their site to improve lead generation.

One of the keys to website design is that it reflects your marketing goals. If one of the goals is to generate leads for your business, be sure the incorporate key lead gen elements, such as strong calls to action or contact forms.

The average cost for a redesign is $43,000.

Take a breather! HubSpot’s research focused primarily around companies with very large marketing budgets. While this number is not applicable for the majority of small and medium sized businesses with smaller marketing budgets, we thought it was an important metric to include to convey the power a website has as a marketing tool and investment.

Are you looking to redesign your website? Give us a call at (913) 649-4040 to speak with Lure Creative Web & Marketing Consultant or fill out an online service form.

*Statistics via HubSpot.

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