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4 Reasons Your Website Design Is Failing

July 8, 2014

In today’s internet-based world, your business must have a great website design to make it. Your website design can literally make or break your company. Lure Creative wants to make sure you’re one of the companies that makes it, so we are outlining the top four reasons your website design is failing.

Your Website Lacks a Clear Purpose

Even if your website is full of bells and whistles, if it doesn’t state exactly what your business aims to do, then it’s failing. Your website design needs to include a detailed description of your products and services, and your goals. Without a clear purpose visitors will get confused and move on to a competitor’s site. Your website design should also include a clear call to action. Make sure you state how, where, when and why prospective leads should call you. Although people are pretty intelligent these days, they don’t want to work hard to find basic information.

Your Website Has No Personality

Besides having the necessary basics, make sure you’re delivering that information in a unique and distinctive way on your website. If it’s not well branded and visually appealing, then your website design is failing. You will surely lose leads to other websites that ace this aspect of website design. You want your website to stand out visually, but still represent your company well. Make sure your branding is complete before you decide to design a website. Your brand and logo play a big part in the personality of your website.

Your Website Isn’t Credible

The overall personality and appearance of your website design also plays into the credibility of your site. A poor visual appearance can lead to a site that people don’t trust, which means, yet again, your website design is failing. People don’t want to do business with a company that looks sketchy on the web. Make sure all your links are working, you have several landing pages, and your links bring users to useful and related information.

Your Website Has a Poor User Experience

If your website design is failing in all of the above areas, it is probably also failing in the user experience department. Besides a visually appealing site that clearly states its purpose and that is credible, it should also be easy to use for visitors. If your website design is confusing to navigate, is slow to load, and isn’t responsive or you don’t have a mobile site, it’s failing. Your site should be easy to navigate, make sense, and have a flow to it. Visitors should be able to find what they’re looking for easily. If your website loads slow, visitors will definitely leave before they even have a chance to read more. And with so many people conducting research on their smart phone or mobile tablet, if your website design isn’t responsive, you’re losing a ton of business. A responsive website realigns the information on your website by width for different platforms. It also keeps all the information in your site organized, but still visually appealing, even on a small smartphone screen.

For a beautiful website design, call the experts at Lure Creative at, (913) 649-4040. Or, check out our website portfolio on our website.

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