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5 Images HVAC Companies Should Have on Their Website’s Homepage

November 19, 2014

Your website’s homepage is absolutely critical when it comes to making your phone ring. It is important to pay attention to every detail. The photos you use are very important. Websites with no photos will look unfinished and unprofessional. Cheesy stock photos can translate as impersonal, or worse, insincere. This can cause a disconnect between the potential customer and your company. You only have a few seconds to make that connection before the visitor decides to stay or go. Don’t let your images, or lack thereof, be your downfall.

So What Kind of Images Are the Best to Use?

There are several types of images that will send the right message to potential customers. Here is a brief list to get you started. If your homepage has no photos or they look like stock photos, get busy taking these photos and give your homepage the look and feel it requires to succeed.

Your Logo – your logo lets people know immediately that they have reached a heating and cooling company and that you are a professional company. Every homepage layout should feature a logo and it should be prominent.

HVAC Company Logo on Website Image

A Photo of Your Team – people like to hire people, not companies. By showcasing your team, your company will feel more personal right off the bat. Putting real people on the homepage will automatically make your company seem more friendly and trustworthy. A few tips for these photos include making sure your team looks friendly and professional. Tell everyone to wear a smile and having everyone wear a logo’d shirt with the company name will add a touch of professionalism and trust as well.

HVAC Company Homepage Image



Families Enjoying Their Comfortable Home – these photos show the end result or benefit of your services. A happy family at home enjoying their time together creates a warm and welcoming feeling. It also subconsciously instills trust.

 Heating and Cooling Website Image


Your Service Truck or Van – featuring your company truck or van tells visitors that you are a “Service” company. A logo’d van means you are not some fly-by-night kind of HVAC company. It communicates size, professionalism, and trust. It says you will be there if there are any problems after the repair, tune-up or installation. It also has the added benefit of promoting your logo and brand.

 Heating and Cooling Company Website Image

HVAC Equipment – showing your equipment reinforces, visually, what kind of company you are and what kind of services you provide. It immediately tells the viewer that they’ve reached a website of an HVAC company that delivers the service they desire.

HVAC Company Website Homepage Image


You don’t need to have all of these photos on your homepage, but having a couple of them is definitely recommended. Don’t forget, you can vary the size of these photos as well. For instance, you may put your service van small in the header and feature a people photo more prominently. A good graphic designer will give the photos on your homepage the right visual balance with the other information necessary such as key services, phone numbers, etc. Read more about that in our blog post Why That 800 Number Is Actually Discouraging Potential Customers.

Poor images or lack of images on your homepage is only one of several poor practices on your website’s homepage that could be preventing you from getting more local HVAC leads. What are the others? Download The Ultimate Checklist For Your HVAC Company’s Website Homepage by clicking the button below and put your website to the test.

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