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6 Companies That Do Branding Right, Does Yours?

September 4, 2013

Let’s play a marketing game. When we give you a clue, such as a slogan, logo, or other branding component of a company, you guess which company it belongs to. For example if we give you the clue of “Just Do It”, the correct answer would be Nike. Or if your clue was “golden arches”, the answer would be McDonald’s. Don’t worry; we put the answers at the bottom of this post so you can prove to yourself that you truly are a marketing wizard. Okay, okay, here we go…

1)   Name the company who’s current slogan is: “It’s finger lickin’ good”
2)   How about the company whose current mascot is this guy?
Lure Creative Branding

3)   Which company is notorious for the phrase: “Melts in your mouth, not in your hands”?

Now we are really going to put you to the test. Can you recognize these companies’ former logos? And be sure to give yourself an extra pat on the back if you can guess the year as well.


Logo for NBC

Microsoft Windows Logo


Kodak Logo

Are you impressed with the number of brands that you recognized? A strong brand can stick in consumers’ heads, even throughout the years. What makes these brands so strong is the fact that they have adapted over time. Be it because they began to appear outdated, added new products to their product line, or even targeted a new market or demographic.

And it is not just big businesses that have dynamic brands; small businesses are constantly changing as well. Take one of our clients, Safeguard Alarms, for example. They recently came to Lure Creative wanting a website refresh that would reflect the change their brand has taken on, was more up to date, and included the new products that they recently added. Below is the before and after of the website refresh.

Safeguard Alarms Website Lure Creative

Are you looking to refresh your brand? We can help. Give Lure Creative a call today at 913-649-4040!


1)   Kentucky Fried Chicken
2)   Chick-Fil-A
3)   M&M’s
4)   NBC, 1975
5)   Microsoft Windows, 1985
6)   Kodak, 1907

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