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6 Musts to Optimize Your Website for the Holidays

November 16, 2015
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The holiday season is fast approaching. Is your website ready for the extra business? Lure Creative has put together this checklist to spruce up your site before the mad rush of holiday shoppers hits. Make sure your website is up to snuff so you get the most business possible from this busy season. Now is the time to prepare.

Check Load Time

Does your website load quickly? If not, fix those glitches. Mashable reports that one in four users will abandon a web page that takes more than four seconds to load. Today’s shopper is savvy and in a hurry. Give them what they want quickly, or give that business to your competitor who’s just two clicks away. Address any lags or missing features on your website.

Identify Seasonal Sales Trends

Use your analytics to identify words and phrases your customers use so you can invest in promoting those specific words. Also, see which pages on your website get the most traffic and engagement and make sure those pages are optimized.

Make Sure the Mobile Version of Your Site Is Optimized

It’s finally happened. Google recently reported that more searches take place on mobile devices than on computers. If your website isn’t repsonsive, double check your mobile site to make sure all is running smoothly especially if you are using an app. Any delays or glitches mean lost business.  And if you thought desktop and laptop users were impatient, that same mashable report we cited above says 40% of mobile shoppers will abandon an e-commerce site if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds!

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Highlight Holiday Specials

If you have holiday specials, put them front and center. If you don’t, think about creating some. If you have a top seller, link an offer to it to upsell, like offering a discount when you buy two or more.

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Keep Online Transactions Safe

Your website and associated back-end systems need to be up to date and compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). Make sure it will be able to handle the expected boost in  transactions during the busy holiday season. You don’t want to lose the trust of your loyal customers.

Beef Up Customer Support

While it’s not specifically website related, good customer service will reflect on your business. Since more customers mean more potential questions and problems, you may want to consider hiring seasonal help to man the phones or online chats to answer questions. Don’t lose a sale when a simple answer could save it.

If you need help optimizing your website for the holidays, give the website design experts at Lure Creative a call at (913) 649-4040. Make it a profitable holiday season!


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