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Advantages of Using Video Online

November 8, 2011

Does your website have a video? If not, here are three solid reasons to add one.

1.      Keep Visitors on Your Site Longer – Video is an effective way to communicate. It’s much easier for someone to click on a video and hear and see a message than it is to read that same information. Videos provide high quality images combined with sound, that help to capture and engage your audience. Once engaged, they are more likely not only to stay longer, but to explore more of your site.

2.      Increase Customers and Sales – Videos are excellent sales tools because they create a richer, more personal experience than writing alone can create. Not only will people enjoy their experience more, if you sell products, videos can have a strong impact on your conversion and sales rates as well.

3.      Improve Your Search Engine Ranking – Perhaps the most important advantage of using video online has less to do with human interaction and more to do with search engines. A key move is to post your video on YouTube. But don’t just post it there. Make sure to optimize your YouTube video for the search engines by filling in the title tag, description and keyword areas. Don’t leave those areas blank! This will help your company get found online when someone uses those keywords to search. Each video you post and optimize will serve as another place for your company to be found online.

Whether your goal is to increase sales, improve communication, optimize search engine results, or accomplish all three, adding videos to your website and posting them to YouTube is an effective way to achieve these goals. If you need video on your website, give us a call, we can help you create a video, add it to your website and YouTube page and make sure it’s optimized out the wazoo to get you noticed by the search engines.

There really is no one big thing you can do to rise to the top of the search engines, but there are dozens of little things that continually done right, will steadily move you up.

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