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Adwords Express – Easier Isn’t Always Better

August 24, 2012

Albert Einstein once wrote, “Make things as simple as possible … but not simpler.”  In today’s post we’ll determine if Adwords Express is too simple of a program to be efficient.

First, a quick note on why Google created Adwords Express. Through the years, as smarter people have gotten into the pay-per-click game, it’s become harder for the local mom and pop business to beat out their competitors. There are a lot of little intricacies you have to learn to have a fully optimized account.  Most small business owners don’t have the time to sit down to read and learn everything about search engine marketing. Google realized this and built a service that even someone with no online marketing experience could use with little difficulty.  That’s where Adwords Express comes in.

In Adwords Express, the setup process couldn’t be simpler.  You pick the category of your business, write your ad creative, and set your monthly budget.  Google will then do all of the heavy lifting. They will select your keywords, set your bid price, and then, later, adjust your bid prices to maximize how many clicks you get in a day.

Of course, not all clicks are good clicks.

Google will run a very broad campaign with no negative keywords. Let’s say you are a heating and cooling company and heating is one of your keywords.  You could show up in searches relating to “heating pads”, ”heating up a sandwich”, or “heating up a dormant relationship.”  Without the option of adding negative keywords, the only way to get rid of waste is to remove an entire business category. The problem with that option is then you might be losing valuable keywords as well.

Targeting by location can be a challenge as well.  What if there are certain zip codes in your city that aren’t high performing areas?  Adwords Express won’t allow you to target with that type of detail.  That’s another example of wasted clicks if you aren’t reaching the right areas.

It’s very important, if you are thinking about using Adwords Express, to learn how to properly track online conversions.  It’s almost certain you are going to get more keyword waste in an Adwords Express campaign than a normal campaign. You have to ask yourself, is the ease of use worth the percentage of money you are throwing away each month? If you need help with your PPC account, give Lure Creative a call.

Bryan Cisler, SEM Specialist


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