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All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding: Website Design Before & After

August 14, 2014

Lure Creative specializes in website rebuilds. So we know how important an updated website is to lead generation. It can make or break a prospective lead. Many of our customers come to us to help them create a modern website with all the features they need to draw in business online. Here is an example of how we turned around business for a window, door and siding company in Kansas City.

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A New Online Marketing Approach Including Beefed Up SEO

Before All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding came to Lure Creative for help, they already had a WordPress website, but it wasn’t quite doing the trick for them. While it appeared decently professional and trustworthy, it wasn’t built to generate leads. It was somewhat of a façade. So, what we did was build a custom WordPress website that includes amazing search engine optimization to boost their online search rankings. We also included several different ways for leads to get in contact with All-Weather which will increase the likelihood a lead will take action and call.

Building Responsive

Besides adding a strategic SEO plan and well integrated contact information, we also changed All-Weather’s website to a responsive design. A responsive design breaks the site down into blocks and restacks or organizes them based on which platform (desktop, tablet, smartphone) you are viewing the site. This means the size of the font and pictures will also adapt accordingly. With so many people using their tablets and smartphones to research products and services it is imperative to have a website that can cater to all mediums.

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Creating a Better User Experience

With the new All-Weather website we wanted to boost user experience. User experience is how a site visitor experiences the company’s brand. To allow people to experience this at a high level we included things like testimonials, portfolios with high quality images, a custom blog and other custom pieces that promote the brand in an all-encompassing way. Every piece of the site complements the others, and draws visitors in.

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