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The Basics of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

December 27, 2012

Have you ever noticed the Pay-Per-Click advertisements in your search results and wondered the who, what, where, when, why, and how’s about them? Bryan Cisler, PPC Specialist at Lure Creative, answers all of these questions and gives a few tips for business owners just starting their Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns!

What is Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising?

Pay Per Click is an Internet advertising system used on search engines and websites.  When using PPC, the advertiser pays the host only when someone clicks on their ad.  The most popular pay per click program is Google Adwords.  Here is an example of how it works.  A San Diego resident searches Google using the keyword “plumbers in San Diego”. The results page shows up and directly above the organic search results will be several paid ads by plumbing companies in the San Diego area.

How does PPC work?

Most of the times, the paid ads are similar to what the searcher is looking for.  If the web searcher clicks on the plumbing ad, they are directed to the plumbing website and the plumbing company is charged.  The pricing works in real time bidding.  That means that through Google, the plumbing company bids on what keywords they want their ads to appear under.  You can bid whatever amount you want. The cost per click for a plumbing company generally can be as low as .25 to as high as $30.00 in some cases.

Why should my business use PPC advertising services?

The benefit of PPC advertising is that businesses are only paying for web traffic that has the intent to buy your product or service.  Also through Google Analytics, you can track how the web searchers navigate through your website, so you can know exactly how a customer goes through your purchase funnel.

Which businesses should consider using Pay Per Click?

Nearly everyone! If you have a product or service that people search for, then you are a good candidate for PPC.  The businesses that have the most success in PPC are the ones with a website that is SEO optimized and designed for web users to easily navigate.  You can have the best product in the work, but if people are turned off by the website when they get there, then you are spending all that pay per click money for nothing.

For more information on PPC services, give Lure Creative a call toll free at (855) 765-4500 or click here to fill out a contact form.

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