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Does Your Company Have a Sales-Ready Website?

April 29, 2017
Sales Ready or sales enabled websites from Lure Creative

Most companies think so, but only before they read this.

When my company first started building websites for lead generation, we exploded into celebration when we discovered that by putting a “Free Estimate” form on the home page, it generated up to 20% more leads than a website that didn’t present a form right away. Understand this discovery, and now out of date practice, was in 2008. Back then, we might have said that the site was lead-ready or sales-ready. Today, a “Sales-Ready” website is not just a website that converts visitors into leads by capturing their information.

What is a Sales-Ready Website?

A sales-ready website is one that includes strategy, design, development and integrations that involve the sales team and their processes. It requires research and input from the company’s sales “team”, not just the CEO, VP of Sales or even the Sales Manager. It may include the goals that those important people establish, but strongly relies on the day-to-day people on the ground level, making it all happen!

Providing effective lead and sales processes are required.

When our agency, Lure Creative begins the process of creating a Sales-Enabled website, the first thing on our agenda is to request a copy of our customer’s sales process. You’d be surprised how many small, mid-size and even large multi-million dollar companies do not have a written sales process that is followed and evolves with input from their most successful sales engagements.

Think about this…If we must build a website that is sales-ready, then we should know how leads will be converted, recorded, tracked, and delivered to the sales team. For most marketing agencies, the journey ends there. But for Lure Creative, we are only as valuable to our customers as the leads they can turn into revenue. So we care about the process leads go through and then…how leads are closed into sales.

The importance of getting detailed input from the sales team.

In our experience, the salespersons are the “best” resources for marketing, and are on the front line of knowing what the customers want. Don’t take offense CEO or Sales Manager, you used to know when you sold your products or services and talked to customers every day. But now, it’s your sales people who are in the know, closest to the customer experience and hold today’s information we need for marketing success.

A helpful, wealth of information, is buried deep inside the salesperson’s world.

The content we need can be found in their printed collateral, charts, graphs, illustrations, project or product photos, and our favorite…. their email inboxes. Here’s a few gold nuggets we extract from your sales team’s prospect attracting, and sales closing arsenal.

  • The Real Questions prospects ask over the phone and how the ask it for blogs.
  • The Real Questions prospects ask in their emails and what they ask about for blogs.
  • Before and after, or finished project photos we can use for social media and website.
  • Compelling testimonials for your website or to help validate a marketing message.
  • From the salesperson, we hear “The Story” as the customer describes their problems.
  • We compile a list of all the pain points your product or service solves.
  • What’s the Buyer Persona description, and emotions they display in the Buyer’s Journey.
  • What customers really care about and what motivates them to buy… “The Closer”.

Will Sales-Ready websites replace salespeople?

Can you imagine a website that answers all your customer’s questions at any stage of the Buyer’s Journey they are currently in? Think about how that would change your sales cycle time or the sales experience altogether. I break down the modern salesperson’s role and responsibilities into these 3 fundamentals…

  • Hear the prospects pain points and investigate the cause of the problem.
  • Educate the prospect on their options to solve their pain.
  • Discover if your product or services is a good fit and present solution(s).

And there you have it. With the new ideas your sales team helped provide, your marketing team can now create the content to do the very same things the salesperson spent hours in the home doing. Your new Sales-Ready website should, could and will do all of these fundamentals for you and without a salesperson involved up to this point.

Don’t worry you “highly important” salesperson, you’re not losing your job. Your participation in this whole process of creating a Sales-Ready website, just makes everything easier, much easier for you, than ever before.

The undeniable results of a Sales-Ready Website

With the collaboration between sales and marketing called “Smarketing” your life can become easier. By your marketing and website taking the time to research and understanding your customer, and by connecting on their level you create an incredible Sales-Ready website. Here’s a few of the magically-delicious results we see from Sales-Ready websites and the companies we create them for. Sales people love this part…

  • A more educated prospect when it comes to your products and services.
  • Leads pre-qualify themselves based on proper branding, market position.
  • Prospects can quickly determine if you even offer the solution they want.
  • Leads are warmer and closer to being ready to buy from your company.
  • Less time educating the prospect in person or on the phone.
  • Because they are pre-informed, you spend more time on relationship selling.
  • Shorter sales cycle and quicker closing allows time for more sales volume.
  • Customers up-sell themselves from additional benefits and compelling website content.
  • Website conversion rates improve 2% and as high as 15% depending on industry.
  • All this has resulted in up to 12% higher sales team close ratios in just a few weeks.
  • Up to 37% higher dollar per sale for some customers as quickly as 3 months.
  • An average of 27% increased revenue in just under 6 months from Go Live.

Sales-Ready Websites, we’re just getting started…  

There is so much more to tell about Sales-Ready websites. For instance, “How can you build a sales-ready website affectively and affordably?” or “Sales Enablement Using Automated E-mail Nurturing.” or “Identifying Visual Components of a Sales-Ready Website”.

If you want to know more, you can click on the button below to empower your marketing and sales to work harder for your company.

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