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Concrete SEO Experts Pull Tri-Fecta

September 23, 2011

Talk about Concrete Search Engine Optimization services! I hate to brag, Oh wait a minute, I like to brag when we pull this off. We have three great concrete companies we have built websites for and performed SEO surgery to that happen to specialize in different areas of concrete services for the Kansas City area.

Google SERP

It just so happens that all three concrete websites have some degree of optimization for “Commercial Concrete” in them. The picture here shows all three on page one when you search “Commercial Concrete”. Of course some industries are easier than others but….we also have all three on Bing’s page 1 search results as well.

Today’s SEO is an art form. I true craft that should not be left up to your admin person, or a cheap website company. Most do not understand the difference in lead quantity between being in position 10 on the page 1 results vs. being position 1, 2 or 3. Depending on your business type and your on-line searching market, you could be missing tens, hundreds or thousands of leads.

Call Lure Creative, Inc. if you want to get an idea of what your company is capable of! Stop using the poor economy as an excuse and wake up and smell the “Web Lead” coffee.  It’s tastes good for a change!!!


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