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Does Your Website’s Homepage Contain the 3 Must-Have Components?

July 11, 2013

When it comes to your company’s online presence, the best place to start is with a strong website. Websites have quickly become a necessity for many companies and for lead generation companies they serve as a virtual salesperson. Within seconds, your website’s homepage can draw in a potential customer or send them away and onto a competitor. So how do you ensure that your website design is not losing you business? Lure Creative put together our top recommendations for every homepage. Double-check your site to make sure it includes these must-haves!

Let Your Website Visitors Easily Identify Your Company & Team

First things first, identify yourself to website visitors. This does not mean simply displaying your company’s logo and cities of operation across the top of the homepage, although doing this is important. It means accurately portraying your brand to potential customers through the website design, the color scheme and the website copy. If you are not sure what direction you want your brand to take when it comes to the online world, consider meeting with a website consultant. Lure Creative’s web & marketing consultants offer free consultations to businesses in need of establishing their online or offline presence.

Define Your Service or Product in a User Friendly Manner

When it comes to the services or products that your company offers, remember to keep it simple. Overloading website visitors with information on the homepage can do much more harm than good. Instead, simplify the list of your products or services and build separate pages off of your homepage that contain the more detailed information that you want to convey. Below is an example of a recent website design for a plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical services company done by the web and graphic design team at Lure Creative. This homepage design does a great job at displaying the key services offered by the company in a way that is simple and easy to navigate.

Direct Website Visitors to Contact Forms or Phone Numbers

The final must-have is a way to get in contact with your company. Once someone has made up their mind that they want to pursue your services or purchase your products, they want to do so right then and there. Making contact information and forms easily available helps to avoid losing potential customers. Looking at the homepage example above, you will notice that the Lure Creative designers included two ways for users to contact the company.

Does your website have all of these key components? If not, give Lure Creative a call at (877) 299-2007 and we can help you incorporate them into your company’s homepage.

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