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Don’t Forget The Small Stuff During Your AC Company’s Busy Season

July 21, 2015

As the weather heats up, the summer gold rush is on for air conditioning companies. And as that rush

continues, technicians get tired as they work on air conditioner after air conditioner. The good part is

they are in a lot of homes right now. The bad part is that they get overworked and sometimes forget

the things that can actually help the business in the long term as well. What are those things? We recapped them below.

Collect Those Email Addresses For Marketing Later

Your customers prefer to communicate digitally these days. So you should be asking every customer

you come in contact with for his or her email address. If you haven’t already, set up an online email

account with Constant Contact or Mail Chimp so you have a place to put those email addresses.

You can also wire the contact forms on your website to either of these email programs so those email

addresses that come through your form are automatically populated into that database.

Inform your customers that you use email for special offers and discounts, and then send them some

throughout the year. If you aren’t marketing to your existing customer base on a regular basis, you are

really missing the boat on future install revenue.

Remember Those Maintenance Agreements

As your technicians are doing repairs, make sure they are informing customers how much they could

save if they were a maintenance customer. Since most heating and cooling companies offer discounts

on repairs, offer them a discount on that repair if they sign up today for your maintenance plan.

Usually the cost savings on the repair pays for a good part of the maintenance plan.

Build up those maintenance customers now while you have face-to-face contact with them.

Ask For A Review – It Does Your Business Good

One of the best things you can do for your website rankings is have your customers give you a review

on Google+. This shows that you are relevant in the communities where you do business. You can have

your technicians remind them of this, especially as that nice cold air starts coming from their vents.

Have the customers rate the technician on Google+. Customers are more likely to rate people instead

of a company. Set up an internal contest among the technicians are reward the ones who are

mentioned the most often on Google+.

Also, make sure your Comfort Advisors are following up after an installation. They can email the link to

Google+ directly to their customers and ask for a review. Your best customers can do a lot to help your

business in the long term.

Keeping your processes and procedures in place during busy seasons is difficult, but this is the time

when they are the most important. Doing the little things now gives you ammunition for your business

to succeed all year long!

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