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Four Reasons to Choose a Custom Website Over a Template Website

December 14, 2010

1. Unique Design – the custom site will give you a unique design which reflects your brand.  It will have your logo, your color scheme and will completely reflect your company’s personality.  Template sites leave places for your color and logo, but it looks like it was added on as an afterthought.  The main advantage is that when your site looks like you, you can stand out from your competitors.  Also, your audience might take you a bit more seriously as a business if your site looks professional.

2. SEO Friendly – when you have your website created by professionals, you also can be sure that it is optimized for the search engines to find.  Obviously, you want to be ranked as high as possible in a search so prospective customers can find you before they find your competition.  Google, Yahoo and Bing are constantly updating the rules by which they rank sites and  you must stay on top of these changes to continue to get new business.  At Lure Creative, we follow the ever-changing guidelines for getting better rankings with major search engines.

3. Updating – as technology advances, consumer behavior changes and the overall design of a site can go stale.  The custom website can be adjusted for little or no cost.  Add-ons, plug-ins and special features are easy to add as you request them.  Template companies will not be eager to make these changes until they think it will be profitable to offer to all of their customers simultaneously.

4. Customer Service – because template sites are fast and easy to create, most companies that offer them are interested in quantity and the customer service usually suffers.  Once they sell you the template, you’re on your own.  If the template fails, you’ve wasted your money.  Plus, as technology advances, the template will have to be redesigned, which will cost you as much as a custom website would have cost by the time it is revamped. For the best looking, most effective, user friendly, easily updatable website, go with a professional company.  You may pay less for a template in the beginning, but it’ll cost you in the long run.

If you’re interested in a new website or just updating your current site, call us for a free one-hour consultation.  (913) 284-7821.  To see more of our work, visit our website at

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