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Friday eXpresso! Back to Basics

February 12, 2016

It’s easy to get caught up in the newest trend or toy when you work with the internet. There’s always a new plugin to play with, another social platform to explore, or the latest case study to read. This morning, we talked about the importance of getting back to the basics – in web marketing, and in general.

Declutter & Simplify

If you’ve ever compared a thesis and a blog post, you’ve probably noticed some differences. For instance, one can stretch to the length of a novel, while the other usually taps out at several hundred to a thousand words. One gets shared, tweeted, liked; the other, not so much.

It’s important to note that these two pieces should be written very differently as well. For those of us not writing for a grade, less is usually more. On top of staying brief, blogs and other web copy need to be written with whitespace in mind, to create breaks for the reader’s eye.

A HubSpot article Keeley, one of our Inbound Marketers, brought to the table today had some great suggestions on this topic. Next time you write, break up your paragraphs – either into smaller sentences, or with bullet points and headers. The extra space will do wonders!

See the rest of HubSpot’s 10 Simple Edits That’ll Instantly Improve Any Piece of Writing


Even when you’re an Xpert, it’s important to keep learning. Our SEO guru, Darren, for example, has been brushing up and learning new tips from some of his favorite podcasts. Podcasts are great for listening while you do housework, work out, or, like Darren, you can listen on your drive to work and start the morning off with fresh ideas.

Darren’s Podcast Pick: SEO 101 and SEO Rockstars

Stop & Smell the Roses

Or, in our case, the burgers. If you want your team to work, well, like a team, you’ve got to spend time building that team up. An impromptu lunch outing is just one of the ways that Lure Creative likes to loosen up after a long week of knocking out projects. Our pick this week? Five Guys.


That’s all for this week, but if you’re looking for some more marketing wisdom, you can always give us a call! Dial (913) 649-4040 to get in touch & take the next step toward reaching your customers.

Yes, coffee aficionados, we know that’s not how you spell ‘espresso.’

Every week for as long as we can remember, Lure Creative has come together on Friday mornings to talk about the latest and greatest in marketing trends that popped up that week and how it affects our work and clients. The beauty of this weekly show & tell is that everyone learns a little something: email tips, design hacks, or maybe how to write a great hashtag.

One day we realized – we weren’t the only ones who should be hearing this! Tune-in every Friday for our latest cup of ah ha! (and the occasional cat gif).


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