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Friday eXpresso! Smooth Sailing

January 15, 2016

We’re back again! Grab your coffee and catch up on the tips, tricks, and happenings of Lure Creative’s eXpresso!

Just Launched!

One of our biggest wins this week was the launch of two of our latest web projects! Check out these user friendly  designs:

Of course, one of the most rewarding parts of working with websites is getting them finished and out on the Internet web. Take a closer look at Pinnacle HVAC and Hartley’s Climate Control’s new sites!

Suddenly feeling a little self conscious about your website? Don’t worry – we can help.

Small Businesses Win This Round

pinnacle_screenJanuary 8th marked another big change for Google. In the hunt for the most accurate search results, search engine magnate Google released a core ranking algorithm update. If you’re into tech and SEO, you can find out more details here. If you’re not so familiar, Ryan broke down what this update means for the average user.

For Businesses:

A local ice cream shop, no matter how great, isn’t going to have the same internet traffic as a mogul like Baskin-Robbins. This latest update changes how Google treats small businesses and ranks them based on more proportionate traffic (bigger companies need bigger traffic, but smaller ones will rank well with local-sized traffic). Simply put, local businesses (and their customers) will start finding themselves higher up in the searches – as long as you’ve got good content!

For Marketers:

As we’ve come to expect from Google, content is king. This update is finally dropping those spammy, keyword loaded sites to where they should be. Meanwhile, all that quality content you’ve beenHartley_ScreenBlocks carefully crafting will show up higher in searches. Even better, this update means that content that’s well done and seeing traffic won’t drop in rankings just because it’s getting older. Expect to see good blogs or videos you’ve produced to start showing up again!

Instagram Husband 

If you’ve ever wondered about the man behind the phone, The Mystery Hour has the tell-all video for you! The mockumentary had the entire Lure Creative team rolling – and really, is there any better way to end the week? Take three minutes and see what all the fuss is about:

Slick Customer Service from Prestonpromotional_material

Today, Preston, our new VP of Operations told us about his experience as a customer of HeadBlade. As our resident baldie, Preston is the only one of our team to use this special shaving cream. His journey from satisfied head-shaving customer to steamy headed patron and back again  involved a long email chain, some great swag, and a great reminder about the importance of customer care. Think about these takeaways when interacting with your customers:

  • Turn Customers into Raving Fans
    • People tend to remember the really great things that happen to them, but they forget about the ‘ok’ experiences they have. If you’re not totally wowing your customers, you’re not only missing out on all that free publicity, you might actually lose that customer! Make your customers into fans who love you – not just people who use your product.
  • Be Teachable
    • Ok, so maybe the customer isn’t always right, but they might have a point. Turn off your defensive side when dealing with a customer’s problem and try to fix the problem permanently. Looking from the outside in is a great way to improve your company!
  • Think Like a Customer
    • Remember, customers aren’t out to get you, they’re trying to help themselves! Put yourself in their shoes and think about what you would want if the roles were reversed. A little understanding and a drive to make them smile will go a long, long way.

Until then, you can get in touch with us at (913) 649-4040 for help from the inbound marketing experts at Lure Creative!

Yes, coffee aficionados, we know that’s not how you spell ‘espresso.’

Every week for as long as we can remember, Lure Creative has come together on Friday mornings to talk about the latest and greatest in marketing trends that popped up that week and how it affects our work and clients. The beauty of this weekly show and tell is that everyone learns a little something: email tips, design hacks, or maybe how to write a great hashtag.

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