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Friday eXpresso! Sticky Situations & Navigations

January 22, 2016

This week, we bring you email writing 101 & website terminology for those of us who didn’t major in computer science.

How to Write a Better Email

An email from your friend sounds very different from an email from your plumbing company. Most of the time, one is personal, heartfelt, and unique to the relationship you have, while the other comes across as a bland sales pitch. Of course, you can guess which of these emails is more likely to be opened. Since we spend so much time crafting emails for our clients, we get pretty excited any time we can make the process of creating a great email a little easier.

Writing Extensions

Today’s technology not only means that you can talk to your customers more easily, but that you can talk to them better! One half of our designer duo, Kyle, found this fantastic article listing tools that can make you a better writer, or at least sound like one. From sounding more “human” to sounding more like Hemingway, there’s a tool out there for just about everything. While these tools won’t make bad writing good, they will help make good writing great!

Email Best Practices

  • Who’s sending the email? If you want your email, and consequently your company, to strike customers as friendly and personal, you can’t send it from a nameless entity. People like people – they’ll click on an email from a friend before they click on an email with a coupon. Make sure your emails are coming from someone your customers know and trust.
  • Make your readers think. Whether you ask a question or give them a puzzle to consider, readers will remember your message better if you give them a reason to think about it. Of course, getting your customers to interact with you on this level goes back to some more basic email rules, like the ones we cover in The Key to Creating Effective Emails.
  • Define your secondary purpose. Emails usually have a clear goal such as generating phone calls or promoting a coupon. For instance, when sending out a coupon for $10 off a haircut, the primary purpose of the email is to provide a coupon that will encourage customers to come into the salon. The secondary goal might be to reinforce your current customer’s satisfaction, or drum up new customers. While both secondary purposes could be helped by the coupon, the message in the two emails should sound very different.


Developer Updates

It’s no secret that web design changes rapidly. Some changes are small, while other changes require hours and hours of work to master. Here are two of the biggest trends in website design that Andrew, our top-notch developer, and the rest of the team are taking on right now.

Parallax Scroll

  • Used to create depth on your otherwise flat screen, parallax scroll means that certain images and backgrounds move at a different speed than the rest of a webpage when you scroll.

Sticky Navigation

  • If you scroll down on a website and the navigation bar follows you, that’s what we’re talking about. This means that your navigation bar (the links at the top of your website that direct to pages like ‘about us’ or ‘products’) is always visible to the viewer, no matter how far down the page they go.

Want more website news? Check these out:

That’s all for this week! Enjoy the weekend, we’ll see you next Friday! Until then, you can get in touch with us at (913) 649-4040 for help from the marketing experts at Lure Creative!


Yes, coffee aficionados, we know that’s not how you spell ‘espresso.’

Every week for as long as we can remember, Lure Creative has come together on Friday mornings to talk about the latest and greatest in marketing trends that popped up that week and how it affects our work and clients. The beauty of this weekly show & tell is that everyone learns a little something: email tips, design hacks, or maybe how to write a great hashtag.

One day we realized – we weren’t the only ones who should be hearing this! Tune-in every Friday for our latest cup of ah ha! (and the occasional cat gif).

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