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Give Your HVAC Website the Edge with Value-Added Benefit Statements

December 1, 2014

The average person looking for a heating and cooling company on the Internet will look at 2-3 websites before making a call. Give them a reason to call you! Make sure your HVAC website’s homepage has benefit statements that mean something to the visitor. You know your business. You know your market. You know your competition. Put yourself in the place of the potential customer and think hard about what would make a difference to you if you were looking for heating and cooling help.

Benefit Statements on Your Website’s Homepage Give Them a Reason to Call

It can be difficult to differentiate yourself in the heating and cooling industry. Everyone fixes all brands, everyone has trained technicians, everyone offers a satisfaction guarantee, etc. Those things may be true, but are they making it obvious to your website visitors? It boils down to perception. Are Kleenex tissues really softer, or do we believe that because that’s what we’ve been told? Sometimes, just having the information prominently displayed can be the thing that causes the visitor to click or call.

Benefit Statements Are Designed to Help You Toot Your Own Horn

So what exactly are value-added benefit statements? Here are some examples to give you an idea. If your homepage doesn’t have any of these, think hard about what you offer and what makes you better. This is the place to toot your own horn. The potential customer will make a decision in seconds, so talk them into staying and calling. It can seem difficult at first, but take a look at some of these value-added statements and see how they can help differentiate one HVAC company from the other. Add these to your HVAC website’s homepage design if you don’t have any already on it, or come up with your own. Just make sure you have at least one. Notice the website in the photo above has three benefit statements – At the top left “Always at the Ready for Service” speaks to round-the clock service. “24-Hour Service” is spelled out on the top right. A coupon for “$25 Off Any Repair” is a third benefit for a potential customer.


Service Oriented – these convince the customer that you will be faster or better than your competitor.

Same Day Service

Radio Dispatched Trucks for Faster Service

24-Hour Emergency Service-Call Us Day or Night

All of our Technicians are NATE-Certified

Customer Service Oriented – these make the customer feel safe and secure about the pricing and the work.

We Offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Never Worry with Our Money Back Guarantee

No Surprises with Our Upfront Pricing

Price Oriented – these statements offer limited time special prices on service. (They won’t differentiate your brand, but may influence someone to call.)


Save 25% off Your Repairs

Save $100 on any Furnace or AC Install

Make Your HVAC Website Say It Better

Whether you’re faster, better, safer, more affordable, more reliable, etc., make sure your website is saying it. You may use two or three value-added benefit statements if you want.  Just try to think like a potential customer. What is most important to them? Also, pay attention to what your competitors are promoting. If they are hanging their hat on 24-hour service, you may want to mention that as well, but add something they aren’t offering in conjunction, so when consumers are comparing benefits, your company stands out.

For more tips and tricks from Lure Creative on how to make your HVAC website’s homepage work harder for you, download our white paper – The Ultimate Checklist for Your Heating & Cooling Company’s Website Homepage.

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