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Google AdWords: Being Negative Can Actually Keep You Positive – Seriously

January 19, 2015

Growing up, if I was in a bad mood, my mother would always say to me: “Be positive.” I can still hear that voice in my head every time, even today. In the heating and cooling business, sometimes it’s hard to “be positive” when you are running calls and customers are demanding. So for once, I get to tell you (and my mother): “Be Negative” when it comes to your heating and cooling company’s pay-per-click advertising.

Be Negative? Huh?

This relates directly to your company’s Google Pay-Per-Click account. Lots of money is spent everyday on clicks. Companies add a wide range of keywords designed to attract as many customers as possible. But sometimes you are actually attracting too many people, and usually they’re the wrong people. It’s like having an open house at your showroom and advertising “Free Candy”. You can get a lot of people (kids) who ride their bicycles from the neighborhoods around you, but they are the wrong target audience.

Negative Keywords – The Hidden Gold

Negative keywords allow you to eliminate people who are not interested in your service. Heating and cooling companies fix furnaces and air conditioners in your home. But, there are also companies out there who fix other types of air conditioners and heating systems.

Take automobile air conditioners for example. If an Internet searcher types in “Chevy air conditioner repair”, your ad will show up if you don’t have “Chevy” as a negative keyword. If they click on your ad, they will be mildly disappointed that you don’t work on automobiles, and you just wasted about $10 of your PPC budget. On top of that, your bounce rate for your website goes up, which is bad for your search rankings. Save yourself some money and add the main auto manufacturer names to your negative keyword list.

Also, how many times has your phone dispatcher or service manager answered a call like this: “Hey. How do you change a furnace blower?”  Well, the do-it-yourselfers can also be weeded out as well. Words like “How”, “Why”, and “Where” are words people use if they are trying to learn how to do it themselves or looking for somewhere to buy the parts.

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A Healthy Negative Keyword Lists Keeps Your Wallet Healthy

In summary, always add to your negative keyword list. The more you weed out the people who are not looking for your services, the more budget you have available for the people who are looking for your services.  And those customers are the ones who allow you to finally “Be Positive”, both in your wallet and your peace of mind.

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