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Should You Hire an In-House Marketing Team or Digital Agency? [Infographic]

September 19, 2017

You’re probably thinking, “Digital agency…what else would they say?” I started my marketing career working in corporate advertising and did so for almost 15 years before starting Lure Creative.

I enjoyed in-house marketing for the control over projects and expenses. Quite frankly, I never considered hiring an agency for what I could do myself, or at least could try doing just for the experience and learning.

It wasn’t until I worked in a digital agency that I started to see clearly what I did not know back then.

“Doing marketing the right way yields far greater results than trying to learn on your own as you go!”

They say you can’t be everything to everybody. And if you are working on a marketing team in a company, you can’t do everything and be good at it. You may have the “want” or “will” to try, but at what cost to your results and how much time will it take?

If I could reboot and do it all over again, I would have used more external marketing resources when I was a marketing manager for a well-known service company in Kansas City, MO and accomplished more with less. It would have saved us money in the long run and grown the business faster through higher quality leads, better quality leads, and thus yielded the ROI we had hoped for. It was my own pride and stubbornness that kept me from achieving more. Now I can share with you what I learned.

Not all agencies are created equal. But that aside, we created this [Infographic] to help you decide how to move your company forward, how to budget, and what the direct costs will be when hiring an in-house marketing team to do what our Kansas City digital marketing agency does every day.

Hire in-house marketing person or team vs digital marketing agency in Kansas City? What makes Financial Cents?


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