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Holiday Deals: How to Maximize with Email Marketing

November 6, 2015
Email Campaigns

‘Tis the season to be jolly! This month and next, let your seasonal cheer show in your email newsletter. According to research by the National Retail Foundation, 80% of online shoppers and 71% of in-store shoppers say that email offers influence them to buy, especially around the holidays. This is one reason why it’s so important to gather email addresses throughout the year so you can continually market to your customer base. Here are a few ways to make your emails more effective this time of the year to maximize the response from the customer email addresses you already have.

Holiday Deal Preview

One way to really hook your customers via email is to let them in on a secret they can’t get anywhere else – like previews to holiday deals, offers or sales before the rest of the public knows. 74% of customers say sales or price discounts via email encouraged them to buy. Deals like these were a bigger incentive to buy when promoted with an email than when other things were advertised, like low prices (42%), customer service (30%), or convenient locations (47%).

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Capitalize on the Biggest Shopping Days of the Year

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are HUGE. Adding special deals to your email that correspond to these dates can really generate more traffic and increase your email click-thru rate. Just make sure you don’t actually use the words “Cyber Monday” in your email. Emma, an email marketing company, found that including those words in the subject line of an email sent on Cyber Monday 2013 actually decreased open rates. People are bombarded with Cyber Monday messages on that day. Instead, get more creative with subject lines, and remember to keep it short. Shorter subject lines have higher open rates.

Give Affordable Gift Ideas

People love giving gifts, but especially when they are affordable. Try helping out your customers by recommending affordable or easy holiday gifts in your email. 44% of consumers say they would like recommendations via a retailer’s email they signed up for. This takes the work out of trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on their list.

Engage Customers with a Holiday-Themed Contest

Everyone is more cheerful this time of year – otherwise they’re considered a grinch. Cheery people are more likely to attend charity functions, and to engage with other people, brands, and businesses online. Use this seasonal perk to your advantage by engaging customers with a holiday contest that you can promote via your newsletter or email. Ask customers to send in their ugliest Christmas sweater, or cutest picture of their dogs dressed up for the holidays, etc. In return, the winner can get anything from a major holiday discount on your goods or services or a gift card, cash, whatever. Just make sure it’s more cheerful and seasonal, and avoid being salesy. This is more to engage and delight your customers instead of sell to them.

Notify about Shipping and Service Deadlines

Another great thing to include in your seasonal newsletter is any shipping or service deadlines. Not only do your customers need to know about these things, but they will appreciate them. Giving your customers these dates will not only set a tone of urgency, but it will ensure that they don’t get upset when they try to  place a late order.

Humanize Your Business

Lastly, make sure you humanize your company in your emails. This is not the time to send automated, bland newsletters. Show some spunk, personality, and warmth. Whether you achieve this with an end-of-the-year recap, a thank you letter to customers, or a way for customers to help you donate time, money, or goods to your company’s favorite charity, make sure to include this in one of your seasonal holiday emails.

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to ensure your past and current customers continue to do business with you, and to keep them interested in your company. Keep testing and working on your emails. They can really have a huge impact on your bottom line. Call the marketing experts at Lure Creative today to help you reach farther with your customer emails. You can reach us at (913) 649-4040.

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