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Holiday Marketing on Social Media

November 16, 2015
Holiday Marketing Tips for Social Media

social-media-iconsThe holidays are everywhere – even on the web! Business owners might decorate for the season in their stores, but sometimes we forget to share that holiday cheer through our social media. To make sure you kick off your holiday marketing right, Lure Creative has come up with some tips to help you put together your social media winter wonderland.

Don’t think your customers are on social media? Think again.

Show Off Your Personality

Think about it, what’s more humanizing than holiday cards, gift giving, and the stress of family get togethers? Everyone relates – they’ve probably enjoyed (or endured) similar situations during the holiday season. Remind your customers that you’re human by expressing your holiday cheer. Get your employees genuinely involved, whether through pictures of them decking the halls, or letting them post about their favorite parts of the season. Your customers get the chance to see your company’s personality, which helps you set expectations for future client interactions.

Keep Solving Their Problems

Before you start crafting jingle bell parodies for your Facebook, ask yourself if you’re meeting your customers’ needs. Your goal should always, always be to solve a problem for your customer. How do you find out what hurdles they’re facing this holiday season? Ask. Ask your contacts what issues they’re dealing with, what problems they anticipate from last year. Then, get ready to tackle it.

Stay True to Your Brand

People are visual creatures, we remember and recognize images far more than words. Before you ditch your usual branding for snowflakes and holiday colors, make sure you maintain your brand image. It’s great to keep up with the seasons and update your social media or website, but don’t change everything at once so customers will see you as a part of the holiday. Not to mention, in a sea of red and green, your brand may have a better chance of standing out if you stick to your usual colors.

Still getting a handle on your how to use social media? We can tell you when and where to post, here.

Count It Down

Pick a holiday or event your company and customers are excited about, then count down! Your countdown might include tips, photos, or anything else your customers like to see. If they know you’re going to post a new one each day until the big event, they’ll make sure to visit your page often to catch all your great posts! Just make sure your daily posts feature what your customers want to see – “25 Days of Sales Pitches” will chase your followers away rather than encourage them to come back.

The holiday season is a great time to reach out to your customers, and remind them that you’re here for them. By showing them a softer side, but still keeping in mind your end goal, you can help build a better connection and relationship with your current and potential customers. Remember, people like to do business with other people, and now is a great time to remind your customers of the person behind the business.

Can’t imagine doing one more thing this holiday season? Contact Lure Creative at (913) 649-4040 to talk about handing off your web marketing responsibilities. Consider it an early present to yourself.

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