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How to Choose a Website Company

April 4, 2011

What most people don’t realize about choosing a website company is that once you build a website, there is an ongoing relationship. Being successful online and constantly herding in new business doesn’t really have a project “end date.” Regular updates to your website’s content are a must to keep your site fresh, search engine friendly and interesting for customers and prospects. Be careful who you choose to go on this journey with! In today’s world, it could mean the success or failure of your business.

So how can you determine if a website company is going to provide excellent service? Follow these three steps from Lure Creative.

Step 1.
First, take a look at their website. Does their site look professional? Does their site have a unique design style that required custom work…or does it look like a basic template anyone could build? Do they have a portfolio of work you like? Look at all the sites they’ve built to get a good idea of the kind of variety and style they have. Does the company have a ‘Contact Us’ page and phone number that allows you to call them direct?

Step 2.
Identify a product or service you like that the company provides and then contact them via phone or email. To be effective, web designers need to be at their computers to complete work and thus observing email. Or, reaching them by phone is a great way to get an initial glimpse into how well someone will communicate with you for questions or changes to your site.

Once you’ve contacted a representative, don’t be shy about asking questions. In particular, ask them how their website design process works. Do they send customers a questionnaire? It’s almost impossible for a graphic designer or programmer to create a material representation of your desires as a client unless they help you sort out all of your wants, likes and dislikes via a project questionnaire.

Step 3.
Next… look at prices. If you feel comfortable with a particular website company AND the price they offer you fits your budget, then dive in and get your website designed!

A template website is a website package that has already been designed. Website templates are designed from backgrounds, banners, main navigation links, and masthead areas. They are usually cheaper, but not as effective. A customized website is developed and designed from scratch and is formatted with original material.

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