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How HVAC Companies Should Use Social Media

June 5, 2015
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Talk about furnaces and air conditioners may not always be the most hip and interesting, but heating and cooling companies’ customers are still using social media. And if there’s one thing we know, it’s that you need to market to your target audience in places that you know they’ll be. Here’s how an HVAC company should be utilizing social media to their advantage.

Be on the Right Networks

First of all, make sure you’re using the right social media networks. While this is pretty consistent based on industry, it can still vary depending on your location. Are you more urban, suburban, or rural? Take a good look at who your target audience is, and where you can find them. Facebook is pretty much always a safe bet. Other social media channels like Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., can vary. This is why it’s so important to outline your ideal customer first.

Be Regular with Your Posts

Once you find the right social media outlet, it’s important to stay consistent with your presence there. Taking long breaks from the network could signal to potential customers that you are no longer in business, or that you’re flaky. Neither are good first impressions. Make a schedule and stick to it. A few times a week is a good rule of thumb, but you can post more regularly if you’re up for it.

What should you post once you get there? Push content you already have on your website. If you have a blog, your articles are ideal post ideas. You can tailor your pitch to the social media site, and make sure to ALWAYS include a picture. We are a very visual and fast-paced society today. Posts without a visual component are often overlooked.


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Use the Right Lingo

The last major component to using social media correctly for HVAC companies, is to make sure you are using the right lingo for each social media network. Hashtags have become almost universal on all platforms. They are a way to categorize your posts, brand them, and to engage in discussion with other users who are using the same hashtags. It’s a safe bet to use a branded hashtag, an industry hashtag, and a location-based hashtag in your varying posts on almost all social media networks. Don’t overuse them though. Don’t use more than four per post or it can appear juvenile and spammy.


Also, make sure you understand what will attract more views, likes, and engagement based on each social media network. For example, on Twitter you have to keep it short and sweet and under 140 characters. Short, witty bits do best here. On Facebook you can draw things out a little bit more, but make sure you have a compelling call to action and visual component. Facebook is also a good avenue for online contests that can garner more attention for your brand. On Google+, longer form posts are more appropriate.

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