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How to Make Your Website Work as a Virtual Salesperson

July 30, 2015
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You put a lot into your website – a lot of money, a lot of time, a lot of thought. It’s an investment and an ever-changing tool to keep your company’s name out on the Internet where potential customers can find it. But what happens when they do find it? Is your website working hard enough to turn those potential customers into leads? Your website should work as a virtual salesperson on the web. It should be designed to convert visitors into customers. The website design team at Lure Creative has come up with a list of attributes your website should have in order to work as a virtual salesperson and convert visitors to customers. Does your website have these components?

The Four “W”s on the Homepage

Your homepage is where many visitors arrive for the first time. They are hot prospects and they are looking for answers fast. They want to know who you are, what you do, when you do it, and where you’re located. Your homepage should answer all of these questions quickly within a glance. Make sure your services, hours, location and phone number are all easily found on the home page. If it’s too difficult, they will bounce to another website for the products or services they’re seeking.

Make Navigation Easy

Nothing is more frustrating for a website visitor than not knowing where to go to find the information they need. They will leave your site and start over with someone else if it’s the least bit challenging or confusing. Make sure when you design your website, you have the visitor in mind when it comes to organization and layout. Designing an easy-to-use site starts with understanding the core information that your visitors care about. After that, just make it easy for them to find it.

Copy Points

First, your homepage should speak to the visitor. Don’t just talk about yourself, your company, your products and services, tell the visitor how you will solve their problem or in what way you can be helpful or valuable.


Secondly, don’t be boring. Give them something they want. The most powerful way to catch a customer’s attention is to talk about what matters most to them. Focus on the benefits of what you offer up front. The rest can come later. Make the information visually accessible quickly. This means using subheads, bullets, and short paragraphs whenever possible. Make your content skimmable for those in a hurry (which seems to be everyone).


Third, don’t waste words. “Welcome to our website” is a classic example of wasting words. Words that don’t add anything to the customer’s experience are simply barriers to them getting the information they need. Keep it simple and clean.

Call to Action

Believe it or not, a call to action is one of the critical components many website homepages lack. It seems like the most obvious piece of the sales puzzle, yet, many times it’s overlooked. Want them to call you? Say so and put the phone number right there. Want them to go to a specific page, sign up for a newsletter, or buy something? Tell them. But don’t just whisper a suggestion. Include a super obvious link or big, bright button. Make it stand out through size, shape, color, placement, and wording.

Responsive Design

It’s simply a fact that about half the searches on the Internet today take place on a mobile device. Tablets and smartphones are extremely popular. You must make sure your website is easily readable and navigable on all of these different size devices. Luckily, responsive website design makes that possible without having to create two or three different websites.

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If you need help getting your online salesperson (website) up to snuff, give us a call. Our website experts can create a killer design and all the right content in all the right places, not to mention SEO, social media, PPC, and all of our other services. Give us a call at (913) 649-4040.

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