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How to Use Online Marketing to Eliminate the Summer Business Lull

July 20, 2015
Slow Summer Business

The summer season seems to be slow for almost every industry. Kids are off of school, it’s finally warm enough to go do your favorite outdoor activities, and many people take vacation. While summer can be a painfully long and dry spell for many businesses, it doesn’t have to be for you. While there is no surefire way to ensure the business keeps rolling in, there are a few online marketing strategies you can put into play to try to  increase your traffic. As a marketing team that works with all types of industries all over the country, we’ve compiled a few of our top strategies that we’ve seen get results.

Hit ‘Em Where You Know They’re Looking

Your customers probably won’t be waltzing on into your office on a regular basis during the summer months, and they also may not be on their normal schedule, which means they could be missing your advertising in the typical avenues you choose. But there are two places you can bet your bottom dollar that your customers will be this summer; on social media, and checking their email. Now, all you have to do is use this valuable knowledge to your marketing advantage.

Get More Social This Summer

Luckily, social media doesn’t have high and low seasons. People are always using social media to stay connected to friends and family. Sometimes summer is an even heavier usage season because people want to oogle other people’s weddings and vacations. So, now is the time to beef up your social media activity, especially on image-sharing sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Show off visuals of new projects or products, or even discount codes or deals. Try to  post a few times a day, if you have the resources, to increase your chances of engagement. And use the tools Facebook provides, like the Insights bar, which shows you what the peak times are for post engagement. Studies have shown that Wednesdays are peak during summer months on social media. An analysis of summertime online shopping habits by web analytics firm SumAll shows that summer retailers collect 16.1 percent of weekly revenue on this day.

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Keep Those Newsletters Coming

Depending on how often you already send out newsletters, it might be a good idea to increase their frequency, at least for the next few few months through August. But be wise about what you include in these emails. No long, text-heavy messages. Keep things short, punchy, and simple to read. Push special summer promos, summer tips pertaining to your industry, new products, etc.. Also be sure to include quality photos as you normally would. But the goal is to make these emails eye-catching, and easy to read at the same time. Your newsletters are an essential marketing tool. They allow you to connect with all the customers in your database and keep them up to date on your company news.
If these marketing strategies just seem like too much, or too time consuming, call the social media marketing experts at Lure Creative at (913) 649-4040.

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