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Lure Creative Achieves Silver Partner Status with HubSpot

October 9, 2015

To be a HubSpot tiered partner, you must first be HubSpot certified, which requires over 70 hours of training for at least one member of the partner agency. In addition, Lure Creative requires its employees to also be both Inbound Certified as well as HubSpot Certified so we can support the HubSpot users and companies with confidence and efficiency.

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HubSpot Software Experts

HubSpot tiered partners must also prove their expertise by executing inbound marketing campaigns through the marketing software before being fully certified. In addition, it takes education, hands-on experience, and a complete understanding of the inbound process to achieve a customer satisfaction score to qualify. The customer satisfaction score is called a Customer Happiness Index or CHI score. We love the results we’ve seen using HubSpot’s incredible tools and our customers have seen, on average, a 20% increase in lead generation using inbound marketing over traditional online marketing tactics. Plus, clients have noticed a significant improvement in lead quality.

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Internal Agency Overhaul

For our current and future inbound marketing customers, we have created an entire inbound marketing machine. Our agency has undergone a complete restructuring. We have reorganized key roles and processes around inbound best practices that we’ve found to be successful. We are capable of onboarding a HubSpot customer and executing plans in 30 to 60 days with great results and high ROI. Becoming a HubSpot partner basically means we can do what we say we can do with high levels of success in generating leads for our customers. But with the inbound model, they’re not just any leads – they’re leads that are the right fit for our clients which creates happier customers and a more secure future.

You Need an Inbound Marketing Plan

Inbound marketing is not an upcoming trend. It is a paradigm shift in the way marketing is done. If you’re not participating in some kind of inbound marketing program, you’re falling behind. But don’t worry. We can get you, your team, and your company up to speed quickly.

Give us a call at (913) 649-4040 and our inbound marketing experts will help you leave your competition in the dust.

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